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Aerial pool cover reel for public pools

Aerial pool cover reel for public pools
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Reel for public pools
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Motorised aerial reel,
for thermal and foam covers,
for pools measuring 12,5 x 25 m maximum,
Ideal for public pools, hotels and campsites.
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This reel for thermal covers can be used to equip indoor or outdoor pools.

This reel is suitable for pools with maximum dimensions of 12.5 x 25m.
Its capacity is 25 m in length for 12,5 m in width, (larger dimensions are possible, consult us)

Aerial reel for public pools


Aerial reel insitu
Overview of the aerial pool reel for foam or thermal covers

The reel is composed of :

Aerial reel 24 Volt continual current, allowing easy rolling and unrolling,
Support 150×150 mm RAL 9016 white lacquered aluminium finish,
Axis stainless steel,
Motor 250 Nm, allowing use on pools measuring up to 12,50 x 25 m,
Remote control with inbuilt receiver,
Turn key controls at a distance with view on the pool,
Distribution box 220 Volts/ 24 Volts situated in technical shelter.

Reel fixation plate

Fixation plates aerial reel<br />

Nota :
A site visit is required to take all required dimensions before the production of the reel.


2 years on motor and box (not including labor)

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