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Aquabot Ultra 250 electric cleaner for public pools

Aquabot Ultra 250 for public pools
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Aquabot ULTRA 250 pool cleaner with transportation trolley
EUR 2990.00
For pools up to 25m in length,
Cleans bottom surface and walls,
Transportation trolley and remote control
3cleaning cycles,
Automatic stop at the end of cycle,
User friendly
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The Aquabot Ultra 250 electric pool cleaner is specifically designed for public pools, independently cleaning the bottom surface and walls of your pool. Powerful and efficient, this pool cleaner uses three cleaning programs. Using the Aqua Smart System technology, the trajectory of the unit is optimised to rapidly clean the pool as a whole.
Aquabot Ultra 250


The Aquabot Ultra 250 electric pool cleaner is versatile and efficient. Featuring a powerful filtration pump with a flow of 16,4 m³/h. Two traction motors ensure a running distance of 16 m per minute. Using Aqua Smart System technology, the movements of your cleaner are optimised and predefined in coherence with the dimensions of your pool. This patented technology effectuates a complete, fast clean of your pool surfaces whilst avoiding a tangled cable.

The Aquabot Ultra 250 offers 3 cleaning programmes :

- 3 h (bottom surface)
- 4 or 5 h (bottom surface + walls, depending on the size of your pool)

The Aquabot Ultra 250 is delivered with a wireless remote control (1) using radio transmission to communicate with the control box (3). The control box is connected to the power supply (2) and the pool cleaner (5) by means of a 30 m floating cable(4).
Operation Ultra 250

How to use your pool cleaner

Before placing your pool cleaner in the water, check that the transformer is not connected to the power supply. The transformer must be placed at a distance of at least 3.6m from the edge of your pool and at least 12cm from ground level.

1) Unroll the floating cable
2) Grasp the unit by it's handle and place it in the water. Use a to and fro movement to evacuate trapped air and let the unit drop to the bottom surface of the pool.
3) Connect the pool cleaner to its transformer.
4) Connect the transformer to the power supply.
5) Define the cleaning cycle using the control panel and switch on. The robot Aquabot Ultra 250 begins its cycle. Once the cycle is finished the unit automatically goes to standby mode.

Aquabot Ultra 250 step by step

The control box

The control box
The control box of the Aquabot Ultra 250 uses simple and functional control allowing you to program your settings and follow operation.
Obstacle detection
Electronic system that avoids cable twisting
Programming in coherence with the shape and size of your pool
Choice of cleaning cycle
Selection of cleaning level : light, normal and deep clean
Full filter alert
Internal time clock

Wireless remote control

The robot Aquabot Ultra 250 is equipped with a wireless remote control.
This allows you to control the unit and guide it towards a zone that requires particular attention during its filtering cycle. .

1 - Go left
2 - Forwards/backwards
3 - Go right
Wireless remote control
Wireless remote contol

Filter care

Caring for the Aquabot Ultra 250 filter requires little maintenance and manipulation. If the unit is still in the water ensure that the power supply is disconnected. Gently pull the cable, guiding the unit to the pool-side and remove from water using its handle. You can access the filter by removing the lid situated on the undercarriage.

The filter should be rinsed in clear water, without any detergent or product. It is possible to wash by machine without using detergent.
Filter care
1 - remove the lid
2 - Remove the filter from its support frame
3 - Wash the filter
4 - Replace the filter on its support frame


Shape of pool
Rectangular, round, oval or specific shape
Pool finish
All types
Maximum length.
25 m
16 m/min, 400 m²/h
Reusable bag with a capacity of 7,750 cm²
Access to filter
Easy opening lid on undercarriage (Bottom Access)
Filter flow
16,4 m³ /h
Suction motor
24 V DC
Areas cleaned
Bottom surface and walls of pool
Cleaning cycles
3 h (bottom surface), 4 or 5 hours (bottom and walls)
Brush type
PVA mousse double rang
Length of floating cable
30 m
Remote control
Yes (range of 30 m)
Net weight
40 kilos
Transportation trolley

Details Ultra 250
The Aquabot Ultra 250 : Its ergonomic handle and high density PVA brushes


2 years

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