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Tiger Shark New Quick Clean

Tiger Shark Quick Clean pool cleaner
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Robot TIGERSHARK New Quick Clean
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Electric pool cleaner for pools up to 6 x 12m,
Cassette filtration,
Cleans pool floor, walls and waterline,
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The Tiger Shark Quick Clean in detail

Tiger Shark Quick Clean in situ
During any season, it is essential to be able to swim in clean water, free from dirt and debris.

The Tiger Shark Quick Clean pool cleaner has the solution - by means of its action, you can relax as the cleaner works for you!

This cleaner is a reference in its market, featuring all that you require from a cleaner: robustness, dependable and efficient with a long lifespan.

Easy to use with its ON / OFF switch.

Its filtering cassette is easily removed. Just rinse with clear water to clean.

Compatible with rectangular, round, oval and free form shaped pool shapes. Compatible pool floors include: flat, gently sloped, composed slope and diamond point.

These cleaners motors are operational from a water temperature of 10°C in comparison to a regular pool cleaner, which is effective from 16°C, indicating an optimised operational range.


Efficiency: Tiger Shark Quick Clean design features logical access control, provided via a microprocessor: ASCL (Adaptative Sleek Control Logic) technology, automatically calculates the shape and size of your pool, providing an efficient and precise cleaning cycle.

Choice of 2 brush types : You can choose between a spiked or foam brush depending on your pool type.
The foam brush is compatible with all pool finishes.
The spiked brush is particularly adapted for use with liner or reinforced PVC pool finishes.

Filtration capacity : This cleaners filtration offers a capacity of 5 microns. Even the smallest particles of debris, dirt and leaves are suctioned, providing clear, healthy pool water.

Details of "Quick clean" cycle

You can choose from the two cleaning cycles. Note that the cleaner will automatically go to Quick Clean when started unless you choose the regular cycle.

- Program Quick Clean: 90 minutes : perfect during the swimming season, this cycle allows you to regularly care for your pool whilst maintaining optimal swimming conditions.

- Regular program: 4 hours : this cycle is ideal after the winterizing period, for example, when a deep clean is required. The cycle's duration restores your pool to a perfectly clean state, ready for the summer season to start.

Luminous indicators indicate the chosen cycle. The unit stops automatically at the end of the selected cycle.

Tiger Shark choice of cycles

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1 foam brush, 2 spiked brush

Technical characteristics

electric, DC-24V
Dimensions cleaner (H x w x D)
28 x 41 x 41 cm env.
Ideal operational temperature range
10° to 32°C
Duration of cycles
4h or 1h30
Volume of filtered water
17 m³/h
Filtration method
Cartridge, capacity 5 microns
Type of debris
Dust, sand, gravel, leaves
Maximum dimensions of pool
6 x 12 m
Trajectory speed
18 m/min
Filtration capacity
5 micron, reusable cartridge
Transportation trolley
On option
Weight of cleaner
9.8 kg
Floating cable (without floaters)
16,76 m
Number of available cycles
Incompatible pools
Immersed borders and natural pools

Tiger Shark filtration cassettes
The Tiger Shark's filtration cassettes are easily and quickly removed and replaced

On option : Transportation trolley

Ergonomic, trolley use allows easy manipulation out of water and storage.

Tiger Shark pool cleaner transportation trolley on option
Tiger Shark pool cleaner on optional transportation trolley



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