Dolphin Nauty TC

Dolphin Nauty TC
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Dolphin Nauty TC electric pool cleaner
EUR 990.00
Cleans the bottom surface, walls and waterline of inground pools,
Compatible with all bottom surface shapes: Flat, sloped or diamond point,
Advanced sweeping system CleverClean technology,
Maximum length of pool: 15 m,
2 types of filter cartridge supplied: Ultrafine (50 microns) + Spring clean (100 microns),
Duration of cleaning cycle: 1h/3h,
2 active brushes, eliminating algae and bacteria
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The Dolphin Nauty TC electric pool cleaner from Maytronics is specifically designed to totally clean the bottom surface, walls and waterline of inground pools. This electric pool cleaner operates in an independent manner, making manual maintenance of your pool a thing of the past. Featuring double motorisation for better maneuverability. This unit can be controlled at a distance by remote control.

Featuring two active brushes that efficiently cleanse the pool finish whatever it may be: liner, reinforced PVC, tiles, concrete. The Dolphin Nauty TC uses a suction and filter action in the pool water, retaining dirt and debris in its filter cartridges with a capacity of 100 or 50 microns that are easily maintained.

The Dolphin Nauty TC cleans pools with a maximum length of 15m as a whole. Featuring two cleaning cycles: Fast (1h) or Normal (3h).

Cleans bottom surface, walls and waterline
Cleans bottom surface, walls and waterline of pool
Double filter cartridge
Easy to use double cartridge filter (Ultrafine and spring clean)
Double motorisation
Double motorisation for better maneuverability
Efficient cleaning
Active brushes for efficient cleaning, elimination of algae and bacteria

Remote control
Remote control
Total clean
CleverClean system : Total pool clean
Easy care
Easy care and maintainance
Transportation trolley
Transportation trolley

Dolphin Nauty TC: Total cleaning for your pool

CleverClean navigation system

CleverClean is an intelligent navigation system based on an algorithm. Using this method, the cleaner calculates the length, breadth and planned cleaning trajectory throughout the pool as a whole. This sweeping system allows the unit to clean the bottom surface, walls and waterline of inground pools, with no forgotten zones in 1h or 3h depending on the chosen cycle. The Dolphin Nauty TC stops automatically at the end of its cycle.

In-depth wall cleaning : To clean your walls as a whole, the handle of the Dolphin Nauty TC features two floaters, creating a slight imbalance. When the cleaner reaches the waterline, the unit inclines and shifts several centimeters to the side before descending to continue a deep clean of the pool walls.

Suction and filtration

The Nauty TC is supplied with two types of filter cartridges:
- Ultra fine filter, 50 microns, to capture even the finest particles of dust
- Spring clean, 100 microns, for use at the beginning of the season to capture larger dirt and debris

The filter cartridges are easy to maintain: Just open the lid situated on the undercarriage, remove the cartridges, empty and rinse in clear water and replace them in the cleaner.

Active brushes

The Dolphin Nauty TC from Maytronics integrates two active brushes featuring PVC slats and a double ring Wonder Brush. These brushes thoroughly cleanse and avoid the spread and development of algae and bacteria on any type of pool finish, reducing the need and use of chemical treatment.

Remote control of the Dolphin Nauty TC pool cleaner

The Dolphin Nauty TC operates by remote control. The remote can be used in:

- Manual mode: You control the trajectory of the unit using directional command on the remote to go to a specific zone

- Automatic mode: The trajectory of the unit is optimised using the CleverClean algorithm

Easy to use, the remote control lets you choose its mode of operation (manual or automatic) and the cleaning cycle (1h or 3h).


The Dolphin Nauty TC operates with two traction motors allowing easy rotation. With better maneuverability, directional control is facilitated.

Protection system

The Dolphin Nauty TC also features an out of water detection system. When the unit detects a lack of water, it inverses its direction. This feature is perfect for pools with immersed borders (or Californian borders). As soon as the cleaner is out of the water, it inverses direction and returns to the pool.

Easy to use and maintain

The Dolphin Nauty TC is designed to facilitate the maintenance of your pool. Its use does not require complicated programming or to be linked to your pool's filter system. Just connect the floating cable to the transformer and connect the transformer to the power supply (ensure the cleaner is switched OFF). Then place the unit in the pool water, let it drop to the bottom surface of the pool and switch ON. The cleaner begins its cycle.

Connecting the Nauty TC370

The Nauty TC 370 in operation

Once the cleaning cycle is completed, the cleaner is immobilised. Selection OFF. Pull gently on the units cable and guide to the waters edge. The cleaner lifts easily out of the water with its handle by means of its fast water evacuation feature.

Exit from water

Maximum length of pool
15 metres
Minimum depth
0.80 metres
Maximum depth
5 metres
Length of cleaning cycle
1 or 3h
Suction capacity
17 m³/h
100-250 V
Control features
Digital control ON/OFF
Double filter cartridge : 2 types : Ultra fine (50 microns) and spring clean (100 microns, suction of larger debris)
Power supply
Digitally controlled electric transformer, output voltage inferior to 30 VDC, IP 54
Net weight
11 kilos
Length of cable
18 m
Transportation trolley

Easy care and maintainence

The Dolphin pool cleaners are designed with easy everyday care in mind. You can :

- Easily clean you filter cartridges after each use : just open the lid situated on the undercarriage to access. To clean, remove, rinse and replace in the cleaner.

- The turbine is easy to dismantle and clean if debris is obstructing smooth operation.

Vidéo : How to clean your filter cartridges

Vidéo : Maintaining your turbine


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