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Zodiac OV 3400 electric pool cleaner

Zodiac OV 3400
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Zodiac OV3400 pool cleaner
EUR 999.00
For in-ground or above ground pools with rigid sides, measuring 12 X 6 m,
Cleans the floor, walls and waterline of your pool,
Programmed trajectory,
Filtering capacity 100 microns
Out of water security, electronic protection of motors
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The Zodiac OV 3400 electric pool cleaner uses the best technology to maintain residential pools. It guarantees optimal cleaning of you pool floor, waterline and walls. Its filtration pump and large suction mouth collect all types of debris. Its ultra performant brushes eliminate all kinds of residue. Optimal propulsion and adherence are produced using a rear jet. The Zodiac OV 3400 ensures perfect cleanliness in your pool.
Zodiac OV 3400 cleans quickly and efficiently the whole of your pool, offering a complete cleaning cycle in only 2h30 : pool floor, walls and waterline.

Zodiac OV
Brushes Zodiac OV

Cyclonic suction power

The Zodiac OV 3400 integrates Vortex technology TM, a patented system at the origin of Cyclonic suction : The pumps motor and the hydraulic flow is inclined, creating a powerful whirlpool inside the filter. The debris stays in suspension, avoiding filter clogging. The suction power is strong and constant for optimised filtration.

Hydraulic flow
Filter container
Vortex effect - Powerfull whirlpool
Motor inclined to 30 %

Patented cyclonic system
Cyclonic suction

Filter power

The Zodiac OV 3400 features a powerful filtration pump with a flow of 16 m³/hour.

The collected debris is stocked in a filtering container with a capacity of 5L.

The filter is easily accessed by the upper casing of the cleaner (Top Access). One simple push on the top cover is enough to free the filter which is easily washed in clear water.

Filter access Zodiac 3400

The Zodiac OV 3400 pool cleaner is supplied with a filter with a capacity of 100 microns. Other filters with varying capacities are available on option. (See Available options)

Control box

The Zodiac OV 3400 transformer is equipped with a control box allowing you to easily configure operations :

Start/ Stop cleaner
Control indication : LED flashes indicating an eventuel error
Control box Zodiac OV3400


The robot OV 3400 features 3 component protections :

- Beach system : If the cleaner leaves the water this system returns it immediately into the pool, preserving its filtration pump.
- Out of water security : The cleaner suspends filter pump operation out of pool water.
- Electronic protection of motor in case of overheating out of pool water.


Type of pool
Residential inground or above ground pools with rigid walls
Maximum cleaning surface
12 X 6 m
Type of cleaning
Walls, floor and waterline
Compatible pool floor
Flat, gentle slope, composed gradient, diamond point.
Compatible types of pool
Rectangular, oval, free form
Suitable pool finishes
Ceramic, liner, fibreglass, reinforced PVC, painted concrete

Walls, floor, waterlinewalls, waterline and pool floor
Maximum dimensions 12 x 612 X 6 m max
Adapts to pool floorAdapts to all pool floors
Adapts to pool shapeAdapts to all pool shapes
Compatible for above ground or inground poolsAbove ground or in ground

Filtering and cleaning

Cleaning cycle
Pump flow
16 m³/h
Pre programmed trajectory
Filter type
Filtering container
Filtering capacity
1 280 cm² / 100 microns
Capacity of filter
5 L
Full filter indication
Filter access
Cover on the unit (Top Access)

Technical features

2-wheel drive
Type of transmission
Lift System
Beach system
Out of water security
Motor electronic protection
Remote control
Power supply
Branchement 230 V in complement to transformer
Distribution box supply
200-240 VAC / 50 Hz
Power supply cleaner
30 VDC
Power absorbed
150 W
Cable length
18 m
Dimensions of cleaner (L x w x h)
43 x 48 X 27 cm
Weight of cleaner
9,5 kg
Zodiac OV3400 with trolley
The OV 3400 is supplied with its ergonomic trolley,
this cleaner is easily transportable and easily stored

Various views of the Zodiac OV 3800

Available options

Transportation trolley
Control box
Filtering container
Very fine filter
On option
Fine filter
On option
Large debris filter
On option
Protective cover
On option


2 years

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