Dolphin Dynamic Pro X2

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Dolphin Dynamic Pro electric pool cleaner
EUR 3670.00
Swimming pool cleaner designed for pools up to 25m in length
Cleans the bottom surface, walls and waterline of pools
Combined brushes, suitable for all pool surfaces,
Remote control with transportation trolley
In stock
The Dolphin Dynamic Pro X2 pool cleaner is designed to clean private and public pools with a maximum length 25 metres.

Equipped with two active brushes and a sophisticated gyroscope system to ensure a complete and efficient clean of all shapes of pools with a flat or gently sloped bottom surface.

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The Dolphin Dynamic Pro X2 in detail

Cleans bottom surface, walls and waterline of pool
The Dolphin Dynamic Pro X2 pool cleaner has been developed to clean the bottom surface, walls and waterline of large pools up to 30m in length.
Using a combined brush system the unit dislodges persistent debris and dust on any pool finish (cement, liner, ceramic...).

Choice of filter bag capacity
The powerful pump of the Dolphin Dynamic Pro X2 has a water flow of 17m³/h and uses suction action stocking dirt and debris in the units large capacity filter bags.
The unit is delivered with two types of filter bags offering a filtering capacity of 50 and 70 microns. You can adjust the precision of filtering to function with the condition of water at the time of cleaning.

Intelligent cleaning system
The algorithm of the Dolphin Dynamic Pro X2 optimises its operation: as soon as it is put into the pool water, the cleaner determines the profile of your pool and calculates the cycle best adapted to the specific pool criteria. A gyroscopic system ensures a perfect sweep, staying to course even in sloped pools.
This pool cleaner is adapted to all gradients of bottom surfaces: flat, slight slope, composed slopes, diamond points and diving pools.

EZ swivel system
The cable of the Dolphin Dynamic Pro X2 measures 30m in length and features the EZ Swivel system. Very resistant, this device stops the electrical cable becoming tangled during the trajection of the cleaner throughout the pool, indicating eased maintenance and prolonging the lifespan of the unit.

Full filter warning light
The power block features a "full filter" warning light: When the filter is clear, the signal light stays off. The signal light activates and stays lit when the filter is full.

Remote control
The remote control starts the pool cleaner and contols the following settings :
- Delay clock : Allows you to schedule the pool clean.
- Regular : Cleans the bottom surface of pool and walls.
- Ultra Clean : Slower movements for a deep clean.
- Climbing : Regulates the frequency of wall cleans (none, 8, 16 or 24 minutes). Factory default setting : non-climbing
- Duration of cycle : 4, 6, or 8 hours.

Easy maintenance
The cleaner features top access to the filter.

Transportation trolley
The transportation trolley facilitates portability and easy storage.

EZ swivel
EZ Swivel system
Power block

Power supply block
Remote control
Remote control

Top access filter Dolphin dynamic pro x
Access to filter bag

Technical features

Power input
230V/50 Hz
Low current input
Range of remote control
Compatible type of pool
Compatible shapes of pools
Square, rectangular, round, oval, specific shape
Compatible pool finish
Liner, reinforced PVC, ceramic, fiber glass, painted concrete
Compatible bottom surfaces
Flat and gently sloped, diamond point
Maximum pool dimensions
Up to 30m in length
bottom surface, walls and waterline of pool
Cleaning brushes
Brushless motor
Suction power
Filtering capacity
50 or 70 microns
Automatic mode or manual with remote control
By belt
Speed of trajectory
Number of cleaning cycles
Duration of cleaning cycles
4h, 6h or 8h
Length of cable
Full filter warning light
Transportation trolley
Net weight of cleaner without cable
Weight of cleaner with transportation trolley
Packed dimensions L x w x H
60 x 60 x 60cm
2 years or 3000 working hours


2 years

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Price incl. VAT

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