Astral made to measure pool liner

Astral made to measure liner for inground pools
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PVC Liner 75/100th single colour, pale blue, flexible, (norm AFNOR NF T 54-803-1) monocut, made to measure
EUR 19.00
Made to measure liner for inground pools
75 or 85/100th PVC
Many available colours
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Price / Shape

Price per m²

Shape :Standard shapesNon-standard shapesFree form
Single colour13,00 eur inc VAT14,90 eur inc VAT17,90 eur inc VAT
ALKORPLAN 2010 single colour14,00 eur inc VAT15,70 eur inc VAT19,90 eur inc VAT
Single colour + Waterline fresco16,30 eur inc VAT16,90 eur inc VAT19,90 eur inc VAT
Printed liner18,90 eur inc VAT19,90 eur inc VAT22,90 eur inc VAT

A liner creates a watertight pocket that pushes against the pool floor and walls of your pool. Made from reinforced PVC-P (plasticised polychloride vinyl). This material has been chosen for it's flexibility and resistance to tearing and decolouration
by exposure to UV rays.
A wide range of colours is available to embellish your pool.
Made to measure, this liner adapts to your pool shape, ensuring perfect watertightness.

- Made from 75/100th plasticised polychloride vinyl (PVC-P).
- Satin finish, watertight surface, agreeable to touch offering easy maintenance
- Fixation hem allows a "hung" installation, using a profile or in a vertical position.


Standard shapes :

Standard liner shapes

Non-standard shapes :

Non standard shapes Astral liner

Available colours

Single colour liner 75/100th guaranteed digressively for 10 years on soldering, 7 standard colours, 7 prints, waterline frescos available on option.

Astral liner Anthracite ALKORPLAN 2010 AnthraciteAstral liner in White WhiteAstral liner in French Blue French BlueAstral liner in Pale Blue Pale Blue
Astral liner in Grey ALKORPLAN 2010 GreyAstral liner in Sand SandByzantin blue liner from ASTRAL Byzantine blueAstral liner in Byzantine green Byzantine green
Astral liner in Persia Blue Persian blueAstral liner in Persia blue grey Persian blue greyAstral liner win Persia Old Pink Persian Old Rose
Blue marble print Astral liner Marble blueGrey Marble Astral pool liner Marble GreyAstral liner in Sand Marble Marble Sand

Waterline frescos

PVC frescos soldered at high temperature. Frescos are available on option with standard liners in accord with your choice. Height : 240mm

Carthage green Carthage blueCarthage green Carthage greenGenova grey blue Genova grey/blueFlorentine grey blue Florentine grey/blue
Olympia blue Olympia blueOlympia green Olympia greenOxford blue Oxford blueOxford grey blue Oxford grey/blue
Mallorca blue Mallorca blueMallorca sand Mallorca sand

Warning : We do not recommend the installation of a liner on pool stairs.


10 digressive years on soldering and watertightness

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Price incl. VAT

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