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POOL 75 made to measure liner for inground pools

Pool 75 liner
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25.65 €/m²
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16.70 €/m² Including VAT
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Ref. Provider TRAD-SABLE-ECO
POOL 75 Liner 75/10th, single colour, sand, ECO
EUR 16.70
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The liners in the POOL 75 range are 100% made in France, combining esthetic with robustness
Creating a watertight pocket that pushes against the pool floor and walls of your pool. The POOL 75 range is made from reinforced PVC-P (plasticised polychloride vinyl).
This material has been chosen for it's flexibility and resistance to tearing and decolouration par exposure to UV rays.
Made to measure, this liner adapts to your pool shape, ensuring perfect watertightness.
Benefiting from a choice of 16 colours with complementary waterline fresques available, the POOL 75 range offers you a wide choice of possibilities to embellish your pool.

- Made from 75/100th plasticised polychloride vinyl (PVC-P).
- Satin finish, watertight surface, agreeable to touch offering easy maintenance
- Fixation hem allows a "hung" installation, using a profile or in a vertical position.

Pool 75 liner in situ
Pool 75 inground pool liner
Pool 75 made to measure liner

Prices POOL 75 Liners 75/100th

Price incl VAT per m²
Shapes :Shape ECOShape AShape BShape CShape D
POOL 75 Liner 75/100th single colour16.70 €17.35 €19.08 €22.39 €Consult us
POOL 75 Liner 75/100th island blue14.45 €17.35 €19.08 €22.39 €Consult us
POOL 75 Liner 75/100th printed colour14.13 €17.01 €18.50 €20.27 €Consult us
Waterline fresco soldered to liner 75/100th POOL 75 single colour+ 250 €+ 250 €+ 250 €+ 250 €Consult us

NB : 10% supplement for liners lesser than < 60m²


ECO shape :
Pool 75
1-Rectangular, flat floor*
2-Circular, flat floor
3-Double circle, flat floor
4-Double roman, flat floor
5-Ovoid, flat floor
6-Hexagonal, flat floor
7-Octagonal fond plat

* not including stairs, waterline or shutter reserve
Shape A :
Pool 75 liner shape A
8-Rectangular, flat floor
9-Constant slope
10-Composed slope 1
11-Composed slope 2
12-Diving pit 1
13-Diving pit 2

POOL 75 liner shape A
14-Diving pit 3
15-Diving pit 4
16-Diving pit 5
17-Diving pit 6

Shape B :
Pool 75 liner shape b
18-Kidney shape, flat floor
19-double roman diving pit
20-L flat floor
21-Lazy flat floor
22-Rectangular with security step
23-Cut angled pool with diving pit

Shape C :
Pool 75 liner shape C
24-Ovoid with diving pit
25-L with diving pit
26-Lazy with diving pit
27-Kidney shape, with diving pit
28 Out-of-square with diving pit

Shape D :
Pool 75 shape D
29-Free form 1
30-Free form 2
31-Free form 3

Outer pool stairs
Out of pool stairs
1-Roman stairs
2-Straight stairs
3-Straight cut stairs
4-Rectangular trapeziform stairs
5-Trapeziform stairs

Inner pool stairs
Inner pool stairs
1-Angled stairs
2-Off-set angled stairs
3-Straight inner stairs
4-Whole width roman stairs
5-Whole width straight stairs
6-1/4 circle inner stairs

Split level stairs - shutter reserve
Split level stairs
3-Whole width

Available colours

Single colour liners

Liner light blue
Light blue
Adriatic blue liner
Adriatic blue
Island blue liner
Island blue
Green liner
Grey liner
Clay liner
Black liner

Printed liners

Granite black liner
Granite black
Gunite grey liner
Gunite cement
Mosaic blue
Mosaïc blue
Quadra blue liner
Quadra blue
Quadra grey liner
Quadra grey
Quadra anthracite grey liner
Quadra anthracite
Marble blue liner
Carrara liner


PVC frescos soldered at high temperature. Frescos are available on option with standard liners in accord with your choice. Height : 240mm

Antalya waterline
Sienna waterline
Mykonos blue waterline
Mykonos blue
Blue Olympia liner
Olympia blue
Carthage blue waterline
Carthage blue
Ipanema blue waterline
Ipanema blue
Grey Florentine waterline
Florentine plus grey
Mykonos green waterline
Mykonos green
Green Olympia waterline
Olympia green
Carthage green waterline
Carthage green
Ipanema Ochre waterline
Ipanema ocher
Lisbonne Grey waterline
Lisbon grey
Pompei waterline
Genova waterline
Mallorca beige waterline
Mallorca beige

Oxford waterline
Onduline beige waterline
Onduline beige

Non soldered waterline, Single colour between wall and waterline fresco. Dimensions in height : 240mm. Quote on demand.
Vesuvio waterline
Brehat waterline
Benedicte waterline

Liners insitu

Pool 75 white liner
White liner

Beige POOL 75 liner
Beige liner

Light blue POOL 75 liner
Light blue liner

Pool 75 light grey liner
Light grey liner

White POOL 75 liner
Beige POOL 75 liner
Mallorca POOL 75 liner
Beige with Mallorca waterline

Warning : We do not recommend the installation of a liner on pool stairs.


Warranty of 3 full years followed by 7 decreasing years.

Photos non-contractual
Price incl. VAT

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