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Ref. Abatik 013265
COVER PREMIUM 4 season security barred cover
4 season use, opaque canvas,
For pools up to 12 m x 6 m
Complies with standard NF P90-308
Flexible PVC 580g/m², reinforced by polyester tram
Easy installation
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-308
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COVER PREMIUM 4 season security barred cover
Ref. Abatik 013265 Ref. Provider COVER PREMIUM
EUR 34.90
Price starting from
34.90 €
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ROLLTROT SOLO motorised crank for barred covers
Ref. Abatik P13497 Ref. Provider EA 4440
EUR 999
999 €
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COVER PREMIUM barred cover

The COVER PREMIUM barred cover combines robustness and quality to offer a certified security solution.

This cover can be used throughout the whole year. The COVER PREMIUM protects your pool from dust, leaves and other impurities. For pools with maximum dimensions of 12m x 6m : 26€/m².

The particularity of the Cover Premium is it's quality finish : A reinforcing band prevents tearing in proximity to the cover's bars - offering protection where tearing is most frequent.

This feature is a real added value to your Cover Premium security cover.

More resistant with a longer lifespan, lowering your maintenance and repair costs.

Cover conforms to the norm NF P 90-308.
Reinforcing band

Price indications for Cover Premium :

Inner dimensions of the pool without overlap*Price incl VAT without stair cutPrice incl VAT with stair cut**
7m x 3,5m780€1030€
8m x 4m994€1244€
9m x 4,5m1235€1485€
10m x 5m1501€1751€
12m x 6m1644€1894€

* Overlap + 50cm on the length and width of the pool to ensure correct positionning and tension of the cover

** Maximum dimensions of stairs 3 x 1,5m.

Technical features

Flexible PVC 580g/m² reinforced with a polyester tram
Rupture resistance
2500N/5cm (fabric chain) and 1800 N/5cm (frame)
Ripping resistance
250N (in the direction of the chain and frame)
Anti-UV, anti-cryptogamic and anti-bacterial
Weight of the barred cover
25cm on each side of the pool

Easy to use :

- The directional strap allows easy unrolling .
- Rolling can be completed using crank with torque multiplier
- The finishing hem and anti-abrasion bands protect the cover from the pool surround and prolongs the covers lifespan.

For further comfort, you could opt for the ROLLTROT motorised crank for barred covers

Installation of the cover is rapidly complete with only 8 drilled holes for a cover with dimensions of 6 x 12.00 m.

Cover premium barred pool cover
Fixation system Cover premiumFixation using nail bolts.
Hemmed finish and anti abrasion bands Longitudinal finishing hem and anti-abrasion pads for efficient protection for your cover
Crank and stainless steel ratchet tensionersEach cover is delivered with its manual crank and ratchet tensioners
Storage strapsThe belts on the storage side are sewn around the bar for added resistance

Available colours for the pool cover

Blue   Ivory underside

Blue - Ivory underside
Green   Ivory underside

Green - Ivory underside
Almond green   Ivory underside

Almond green - Ivory underside
Ivory   Ivory underside

Ivory - Ivory underside

Grey   Grey underside

Grey - grey underside
Dark grey   grey underside

Dark grey - grey underside
Ocher with Ivory underside

Ocher - Ivory underside
Taupe   Ivory underside

Taupe - Ivory underside

En option: The ROLL TROT motorised crank

Motorised crank ROLL TROT: 699 € incl VAT

The ROLLTROT motorised crank for barred covers enables you to roll your Cover Premium barred pool cover without effort. The Rolltrot is compatible with your cover, allowing you to unroll your cover in only a few minutes.

Its powerful motor and high charge battery simplify manipulation of your Cover Premium :Just connect your Rolltrot to your barred cover to control movement using its wired command.

The Rolltrot means you no longer need to manually roll your cover : Simply walk along beside the cover to accompany manual rolling till the operation is complete.
Rolltrot motorised crank


3 years on the cover
2 years on the manual crank

Photos non-contractual
Price incl. VAT

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