Lovibond SCUBA II

Lovibond SCUBA II photometer
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Lovibond SCUBA II photometer for water analysis
Measures chlorine, pH, alkalinity and stabilising levels present in your pool water,
Photometric analysis using test tablets (supplied),
Easy to use, provides precise and dependable results,
Display read on LCD screen,
Made in Germany

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Lovibond SCUBA II photometer for water analysis
Ref. Abatik 020848 Ref. Provider 46618NEW
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129 €
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DPD n°1 available chlorine box of 250 tablets
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DPD n°3 total chlorine DPD box of 250 tablets
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Phenol PH box of 100 tablets
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Presentation of the Photomètre Lovibond SCUBA II

The quality of your pool water is dependent on precise dosage of treatment products.
Water analysis using strip or tablet methods provide less precise results which can lead to over or under dosing.
The Lovibond photometer offers precise control over your pool water quality management. The results can be clearly read on this digital pool tester's LCD screen.
Easy, intuitive manipulation using 3 digital buttons.

The Scuba II test results for pH, available chlorine, total chlorine, stabilising and alkaline levels are precise and dependable. Data is available in a few seconds, allowing you to efficiently dose your treatment products.
Lovibond SCUBA II photometer

Lovibond SCUBA II photometer

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Photometric water analysis : how does it work ?

Details Lovibond SCUBA II photometer

1) Testing chamber cap
2) LCD screen
3) Choice of analysis: Available chlorine, total chlorine, pH, alkalinity, cyanuric acid
4) Zero / Test : Reset / begin test
5) On/Off button

A pool water sample is placed in the Scuba II which analyses pool water quality. The supplied test tablets are placed in the water sample and characterise the water sample by colour. The Scuba II then emits a photometric beam which analyses the concentration of colouration. The result is automatically shown on the LCD screen in a few seconds.

Tests for
Test tablet to be used
ClF (Active chlorine)
DPD n°1
ClT (Total chlorine)
DPD n°1 + DPD n°3
pH (pH level)
CyA (cyanuric acid/stabiliser)
Ta (Alkalinity-M)

Technical charateristics

Lens sensor
luminous LED's (wavelength = 530 nm), compensation of temperature, lens sensor amplifier
145 x 70 cm
Conform to E norms
Automatic stop
Yes, 5 minutes after the last manipulation of the unit
165 g (with batteries)
Ideal ambient temperature for use
Between 5 and 40° C
Ideal humidity level for use
Between 30 and 90%
2 AAA batteries
500 measures
Protection index
IP 68, boyant

Contents of Scuba II pack

- Tester Scuba II, in protective, resistant cover

- 20 Phenol Red tablets

- 20 DPD N°1 tablets

- 10 DPD N°3 tablets

- 10 cyanuric acid test tablets

- 10 Alkaline-M tests for photometer

- 2 batteries

- 1 agitator

- 1 instruction manual
Lovibond Scuba II kit

Important :

When you change the dose of your treatment products, we strongly recommend a test to be carried out 24 hours after application to allow the total diffusion of products throughout the volume of the pool.


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