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Norm NF P90-307 relative to pool alarms and fall detection

In an effort to reduce the number of deadly pool accidents per year, French law requires residential pool owners to be equipped with required pool security material
The French legislation relative to swimming pools defines a choice of four pool security systems.
If you are a residential pool owner in France, here are the essential details relative to the norm NF P90-307.

What is the essential information concerning the norm NF P90-307 ?

These systems are designed to reduce drowning risk.
These alarms must be designed, manufactured and installed in such a way that system activation and disactivation cannot be interfered with by children under 5 years old. Fall detection systems must feature a powerful siren which is dependable and does not activate in an unintentional manner.
All alarm systems should be capable of remaining operational 24h/24h, whatever the atmospheric conditions may be, in the specified range noted for each product type : Systems which reply to the criteria of the norm should be operational up to 70°C of dry heat and a negative temperature of - 25°C.
All fall detection systems should feature an integrated siren or offset siren linked to the system by a wired connection.
The parametric detection system recognises crossing of the protection border established by the system to protect children under 5 years old by activating the audible warning signal.
The norm applies equally to systems that use an optical beam which is installed to a fixed point, such as a post. This type of system is composed of a post, a transmitter and a reciver for each segment which is to be protected. The modules of this type of protection system are indissociable. They should only be separated and remounted using the tools required for installation and maintenance operations.

In which configuration should this type of security system be chosen ?

This is the product which is the less expensive and easiest to install to conform to the norm. There are two available models :
immersed alarm sounds when a weight greater than 6kg, in general, is detected.
parametric alarm activates when the infrared parametric border is crossed. This solution does not stop a child from physically approaching the pool but activates when an abnormal event takes place around the poolside.

This system is discreet, as it is composed using detection posts coupled with an offset siren installed inside the unit. Prices vary, starting from 250 € for the 1st option (self-powered casing, mounted on pool coping, detects sound waves produced by fall contact with water) under 2000 € for the second option (distance between posts lesser than 20 m, linked between each other controlled by a central electrical unit ).

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The above-mentioned recommendations are non-exhaustive and do not substitute in any way the applicable legislation.
For full and complementary information, consult your local authorities.