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Norm NF P90-309 concerning pool enclosures

In an effort to reduce the number of deadly pool accidents per year, French law requires residential pool owners to be equipped with required pool security material
The French legislation relative to swimming pools defines a choice of four pool security systems.
If you are a residential pool owner in France, here are the essential details relative to the norm NF P90-309.

What is the essential information relative to the norm NF P90-309 ?

Once a pool enclosure is entirely and correctly closed the parameter of the swimming pool becomes inaccessible to children under 5 years old including via surrounding walls or adjoining buildings.
Any hazardous element which could lead to an injury risk to children who try to penetrate the enclosure must be avoided: any element which could cut, pierce, saw, pinch, suffocate or strangle should be avoided.
To ensure easy opening without putting older users in a situation of risk, the enclosure should have an entry point which cannot be used by unaccompanied children under 5 years old and does not present a risk for other users, adult or child.

The design of the enclosure must not allow a child to enter by climbing or forcing open the entry point.

In the case that the pool enclosure features mobile elements which are moved to ensure pool access, the elements which allow mobility must feature a childproof blocking system .

All pool access systems (doors, trap-doors, windows, sliding doors...) must feature a secure locking system.
Lightweight structures and verandas must have a wind resistance of 100 km/h and be capable of supporting the weight of 45 kg per m2 of snowfall.

When is this configuration recommended ?

A pool enclosure provides optimal security and efficient protection and cover for your pool from dirt and debris but equally provides a natural heat source for your pool water. A pool enclosure creates a natural greenhouse effect, providing warmth and a shield protecting from wind and climatical elements, nearly all year round.

Your choice may be a high,medium or low pool enclosure, static or mobile, telescopic or sliding, placed on guiding rails or wheels, motorised or manual… your enclosure will provide satisfaction and total optimisation of your pool with peace of mind.

A ball part figure of required budget would be around 4 400 €, depending on chosen options (based on pool dimensions of 8 m x 4m).

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The above-mentioned recommendations are non-exhaustive and do not substitute in any way the applicable legislation.
For full and complementary information, consult your local authorities.

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