Constellation high pool enclosure
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Constellation high pool enclosure 420x400x200 h aluminium finish
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Telescopic pool enclosure,
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Robust, aluminium structure,
Made to measure model.
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-309
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Why a pool enclosure ? : An efficient and economic manner to lengthen your swimming season.

Its elegant appearance makes the Constellation high pool enclosure the perfect partner for those who wish to discreetly cover their pool. Conform to the security norm NF P90-309, the enclosure is secure, adaptable depending on the length of your pool and modular, depending on your wants and needs. Robust, its aluminium structure and polycarbonate wall panels ensure high resistance to weather conditions.


Warmer water for longer in the season

The Constellation high pool enclosure isolates the pool area and contributes to maintaining the conditions needed to lengthen your swimming season. By reducing the loss of calories, water heats faster and cools over a longer period of time.
The black curve corresponds to the evolution of water temperature in a pool without an enclosure.
The red curve corresponds to the evolution of water temperature in a pool with an enclosure.
Water temperature graph

Security for your children and pets

A pool enclosure protects pool access. The entry is equipped with a key lock system that requires a two-handed action to operate.
Conforming to the relative legislation (NF P90-309), Constellation is a product that benefits from a long experience of pool enclosure manufacturing. The manufacturing process has been conceived with a constant regard towards improvement to propose an enclosure that takes into account the full requirements of the user.
Manufacturing pool enclosures

Covering your pool water

The pool cover protects your pool water from outside impurities (leaves, pollen, pollution...) and limits the phenomenon of water evaporation and the variation of pH level due to rainwater.
This protection offers :
- A gain of time spent on pool maintenance.
- Economies made on pool treatment products whilst adopting an environmentally friendly attitude.
- If your pool is equipped with a heat pump, an enclosure equally economises its use.

Creates an outdoor living area
The Constellation high pool enclosure transforms your pool area into a real outdoor living area.

A high pool enclosure is a welcoming and secure area : An enclosure that protects your swimming pool. An enclosure that gives you warm water, longer. An enclosure that makes economies whilst being environmentally friendly.

Constellation High in situ

Description of the Constellation high pool enclosure

The Constellation high pool enclosure is composed of several models. The number of modules that compose the structure depends on the total length of the enclosure. Using an inside latch system, the modules remain independent one from the other. This means you can adjust the position of each module as desired.

The composition of modules depending on your pool length

Inside length of pool enclosureNumber of modulesWidth of each rail*
4,20 m216 cm
6,30 m322 cm
8,40 m424,5 cm
10,50 m536,5 cm
12,60 m644 cm
14,70 m751.5 cm
16,80 m859 cm

* The enclosure is placed on two rails. The width of the rails depends on the number of modules that compose the enclosure.

The central height of your enclosure

Inside width
Maximum height - High model
up to 4,00 m
2.0 - 2.1 m
up to 4,50 m
2.0 - 2.1 m
up to 5,00 m
2.2 - 2.3 m
up to 5.50 m
2.2 - 2.3 m
up to 6.00 m
2.3 - 2.4 m


Various types of access points are available. All versions are equipped with a key lock that requires a two-handed action, conforming to the norm NF P90-309.

Access systems
1- Sliding door on front panel
2- Sliding door with door sill depending on the chosen structure, for enclosures measuring more than 6m wide.
3- Lateral sliding door (on option)

1. Sliding door on front panel.
Sliding door on front panel
2. Sliding door with door sill.
Sliding door with door sill
3. Lateral sliding door (on option)
Lateral sliding door (on option)

Removable front panels

The Constellation is equipped with removable front and rear panels.

3 tightening screws situated on the panels allow them to be removed or replaced in all simplicity.

Easy to position

Tightening screw
Tightening screw on removable panel
Key lock
Key lock
Enclosures rail
Door rail

The pool enclosures rails and wheels

The above schema demonstrates the Constellation pool enclosure in operation. (This version includes the available option of two extension rail kits).

Constellation low pool enclosure has a guiding system using performant rails that let the modules slide freely, without effort.
They also ensure the role of securely maintaining the structure to ground level whilst giving excellent resistance to wind force.

- Stain-resistant : The rails have an anti-stain protection. This system ensures clean rails and the fluid flow of the modules.

- Double-direction modules : The enclosure can be opened in both directions

- Stopping system : A latch locks the modules one to the other

- Bearings : ABS wheels mounted on ball bearings. These wheels do not require maintenance, are solid and resist to weather conditions.
ABS wheels

- Extension rails : The extension rail kit means your pool enclosure can be positioned without covering the pool water at all.

(The extension rail kit is available on option.)

Enclosure without extension rails
Enclosure without rail extension kit
Enclosure with extension rails
Enclosure with rail extension kit

On option : Security rail

Opt for the security rail for your pool enclosure available on option. You can walk in bare feet on this type of rail without discomfort and avoid the risk of hurting your foot or falling

Security rail

General characteristics of a pool enclosure : An easy opening and closing system

Several modules constitute an enclosure, each closing or opening into each other without difficulty.

One person alone can :

Closed position
Opening step 1

Opening step 2
Open position without extension rail

The structure of the enclosure

The Constellation is composed of an aluminium structure (section width 80 x 40 mm) with elox treatment and anti-UV treatment on both sides of on wall panels (10mm thick)

- Light : Made from aluminium, the structure is easy and light to handle and assemble.

- Resistant : The elox treatment ensures resistance to use, corrosion and heat.

- Easy to care for : The structure is easily cleaned with soap and water, without using abrasive cleaning agents.

3 choices of colour : tinted in the mass : aluminium (standard), anthracite and bronze (on option).

Aluminium structure
Anthracite structure
Anthracite (on option)
Bronze structure
Bronze (on option)

The enclosures wall panels:

Excellent insulation using multi-walled polycarbonate wall panels used in the same manner as double glazing : Limiting temperature exchange between inside and outside.

- Solid : Resists to temperature variation and weather condition.

- Light : Easy to manipulate.

- Insulates : Reduces the loss of heat calories, water heats quickly and cools slowly.

- Filters UV : Protects the colour of your liner, avoids the multiplication of algae, allowing light to come into your shelter.

6 colour choices : translucid (standard). Other colours available on option : Smoked, green, white, midnight blue and sky blue.
Available colour

6 available colours

The front and rear panels of the Constellation can be chosen in transparent plexiglass (on option)


The Constellation low pool enclosure acts as an insulation around your pool and limits heat loss.

To optimise insulation, the enclosure is equipped with :

- Polyamide brushes at ground level between each module.

- An Elastomer bib on the front panel.
Insulating brushes

Technical charateristics

Structure and rails
Aluminium (standard). Other colours available on option : anthracite or bronze.
Section dimensions
40 x 60 mm - 10 mm thick
Surface treatment
Wall panels
Polycarbonate - 10 mm thick treated anti-UV inside and out.
Polycarbonate colour
Translucid (standard). Other available options : Smoked, green, white, midnight blue or sky blue.
ABS mounted on ball bearings
Front and rear panels
Equipped with a key lock
Compatible with all water treatments

Constellation low pool enclosure : Available options

- Comfort rail
- Triple rail
- Sliding two-directional rail
- Rail extension
- Additional door without door sill
- Additional door with door sill
- Additional sliding lateral door
- Modification of structure colour and sections (bronze or anthracite)
- Modification of polycarbonate wall panel colour
- Plexiglass front / rear panel
- Additional intermediate reinforcement bar
- Additional key lock for module

Packing and transport

The Constellation pool enclosure is delivered pre-assembled, 2 persons need to reception the delivery. All delivered merchandise must be checked with the driver.

Transportation signature pool enclosure

Loading the enclosure prior to delivery.

Check with your local authorities for any applicable legislation concerning the installation of a pool shelter in your area.

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