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Norm NF P90-308 relative to pool covers and shutters

In an effort to reduce the number of deadly pool accidents per year, French law requires residential pool owners to be equipped with the required Pool security material.
The French legislation relative to swimming pools defines a choice of four pool security systems.
If you are a residential pool owner in France, here are the essential details relative to the norm NF P90-308.

Quel est le contenu de la norme NF P90-308 ?

To secure and protect your pool, you can choose from one of the following systems :
- Barred security covers,
- Pool shutters, movable and submersible floors or Automatic immersed shutters,
- Motorised systems
- Manual systems
- Other types of pool covering systems

The norm NF P 90-308 defines the minimal security requirements, test methods and consumer advice concerning security covers and their fixation system to prevent a drowning risk for children under 5 years old
Covers which are uniquely designed to protect water are excluded from this criteria (bubble covers, floating covers…)
To be certified by the norm, the cover should be able to support the weight of a young child without sinking if walked upon. To meet criteria, covers must also support an adult weight of 100 kg without damage to the cover or fixation system. They must also be capable of receiving a falling weight of 50 kg, without the fixation system on the pool coping suffering deterioration.

Fixation systems must not be a cause of injury for children. To avoid a falling hassard on the pool surround or injury risk of a child who falls upon the fixation system, all relative elements must not be installed at a height greater than 25 mm above the pool surround.
The materials used by the pool manufacturer, including the fixation and anchoring systems must conform to applicable French and European legislation.

When is it recommendable to choose this solution ?

This type of pool cover solution also offers thermal protection and pool protection during periods of absence. The price range is variable, pool covers starting from 1 000 € for pool dimensions of 8 x 4 m and 2 300 € for a pool shutter.

Pool covers and automatic shutters
4 season barred security covers for pools

The above-mentioned recommendations are non-exhaustive and do not substitute in any way the applicable legislation.
For full and complementary information, consult your local authorities.

-15 %

Starting from : 26.90 €/m² 32 €/m²

Starting from : 11.95 €/m²

Starting from : 2330 

Starting from : 65 €/m²