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FAQ - Swimming Pool Online advice and recommendations

Swimming Pool Online offers advice and recommendations for pools, spas, material and accessories.

Why choose a steel pool kit ?

Here's the main advantages :
An inground pool kit composed of metallic panels proves to be :
- malleable, the structure can compensate natural ground movement and the weight of earth that pushes against the panels.
- crack resistant, so the structure will not physically rise if you totally empty the pool of water.
- does not require a large-scale installation and requires a reduced amount of concrete preserving your outdoor environment is to a maximum.
- allows DIY installation.
- is non-corrosive. In later years, when the pool liner is changed if a superficial corrosion trace is present on a panel simply sand down and treat with a galvanising aerosol.
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Why make the choice of an above ground pool?

Here are the main advantages :
- fast installation
- no particular requirements for installation: An above ground pool should be installed on a flat surface - that's it!
- in continental France, if the surface area of the pool is no greater than 20 m², and 1 m in depth no planning position is required.

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What are the security requirements for residential pools? Which security material is a legally obliged (under French legislation) ?

In an effort to reduce the number of deadly pool accidents per year, French law requires residential pool owners to be equipped with the required Pool security material.
The law concerning residential pool security establishes 4 choices of pool security systems: Pool enclosures, pool covers, alarm systems or barrier/fencing method. Residential pool owners in France are required to install one of the 4 security systems. To make your pool environment secure, contact us to assist you to make the right choice for your specific configuration.

Why should I winterize my pool?

Pool winterization is essential to enable :
Protection of your pool material during the winter season.
Facilitate the startup of your pool in the Springtime.
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Which pool cleaner should I choose ?

To ensure your choice of pool cleaner is best adapted to your pool configuration, the following factors should be taken into account :
- The shape of your pool: your pool cleaner should be adapted to your pool's shape and pool floor profile.
- Immersed pool stairs : Automated pool cleaners can have difficulties when they come into contact with pool stairs.
- The capacity of your filtration pump if you make the choice of a hydraulic cleaner.
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Why heat your pool ?

Here's the main advantages :
If you install a heating system for your pool it :
- prolongs your swimming season: optimises pool use... even all year round use is possible!
- maintains the desired water temperature, regardless of weather conditions.
Nota: To prevent heat dispersion, the pool water should be covered with a thermal blanket, automatic shutter or pool enclosure.

Water analysis and treatment

Water treatment

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Pumps and filters

Pool covers and shutters

Prevention of heat dispersion and promotion of pool protection
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Pool security

Do you own a residential pool in France? Here's a guideline to applicable legislation!
Norm NF P90-308 relative to pool covers and shutters
Norm NF P90-307 relative to pool alarms and fall detection
Norm NF P90-306 relative to pool barriers and fencing
Norm NF P90-308 relative to pool covers and shutters
Norm NF P90-309 concerning pool enclosures
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