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Beethoven pool fencing system installation guide

Discover the Beethoven pool fencing system installation guide - install your own pool barrier conform to norm NF P90-306

Installation guide

At each right angle, it is imperative to install 2 stakes linked by a security latch to dispatch structure tension and solidify the structure as a whole.

- If you have planned a partial installation (ie an L shape), the stake positioned at the extremity of the installation must be anchored to a fixed point, for example, a wall.

- All fitting sleeves must be stuck onto the ground surface (paving or wood) or concrete studs when installation is carried out on an earth surface with a strong, epoxy glue.

Measure the barrier's periphery in accordance with your pool dimensions. Use a plumb line to clearly trace the alignment of stakes. Use a pen to mark the position of the hole to be drilled.

Drill with 16 mm bit. Vacuum the dust from the hole and position the sleeve. The sleeves are to be glued only when the totality of the fencing system has been positioned and installed.

Insert the first stake into the positioned sleeve. Firmly pull the module by the lower hem as to fully extend tension. Use the fence module as a template to position and mark the next stake position. Repeat the operation to trace the totality of your modules.

Drill the hole which corresponds to the 2nd module 6 cm from the positioned stake's central distance. Position the sleeve and insert stake. Fit the safety latch and repeat this process. The rounded side of the stake must be positioned outwards, facing the exterior of the pool. The latch must face inwards, towards the pool.

If required, adjust the screw on the last stake. Position as required, ensuring correct netting tension by adjustment with top and bottom screws. The hem will no longer be positioned on the lateral side of the netting. This does not have an incidence on the esthetic aspect of the fencing system and it will not fray.

Anchor the floor plates using screw plugs (not supplied). You can adjust the notch situated on the floor plate (on the side of the safety latch), to reduce the space between the stake and gate, to further prevent child access to the latch.
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