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Beethoven pool fencing
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BEETHOVEN pool fencing module 1 m - standard colour
Made in France,
Keeps its shape without sagging,
Aluminium structure with PVC netting,
For residential or public use
Modules available up to 15m in length
  • Complies with standard NF P90-306
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BEETHOVEN pool fencing module 1 m - standard colour
Ref. 007024
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38.90 €
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BEETHOVEN pool fencing module 2 m - standard colour
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BEETHOVEN pool fencing module 3 m - standard colour
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BEETHOVEN pool fencing module 4 m - standard colour
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BEETHOVEN pool fencing module 5 m - standard colour
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BEETHOVEN pool fencing module 6 m - standard colour
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BEETHOVEN platinium automatic closing gate
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removable rigid section for gate automatic diameter 16 or 30 mm in 25 cm for angles
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removable rigid section for automatic gate diameter 16 or 30 mm in 50 cm for rounded angles
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BEETHOVEN pool fencing special module for 2 level installation ( max height 1.55 m)
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Beethoven gate EASY removable
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Beethoven gate EASY on floor plates
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The Beethoven flexible pool fencing system combines esthetics, security and manufacturing quality. Made in Europe, conforms to the norm NF P 90-306, the BEETHOVEN pool fencing system is robust and discreet, helping to avoid accidents.

Elegant and translucent, this fencing system is composed of an aluminium structure with PVC netting. The structure is mounted onto the ground surface and can be easily moved, or removed. The quality of construction elements ensures that the netting does not sag or lose its shape.

Beethoven in situ

Beethoven in terrace situation
Beethoven in situ


The Beethoven pool fencing is constituted from modules, available from 1 to 15m depending on the dimensions of the parameter that requires securing. Each module features netting the length of the module section. Stakes are positioned every meter in distance.

Locking system
The modules are linked together using safety latches. The liaison between each panel creates an access point. Two simultaneous movements are required to open the safety latch (to manipulate the hook of the safety latch and the tension of the pool fencing) impeding manipulation by small children. Mounting is effectuated by drilling the ground's surface or by using floor plates. Your flexible Beethoven pool fencing system is compatible with all types of ground surfaces: earth, grass, concrete...

Access is effectuated by unfastening a safety latch on the Beethoven gate.

The Beethoven system is available with 2 types of stakes:

- stakes with 16mm sleeves facilitating installation on paving.

- stakes with 30mm sleeves offering greater resistance to other ground surfaces (earth, sand, friable supports, concrete studs...).

Sleeve concealer
Sleeve Concealer
16 and 30 mm sleeve
16 mm and 30 mm sleeve

Robust and dependable
Easily tidied away
The fencing modules do not feature a rigid superior bar on which a child could pull himself up on.

A child will get no higher than chest level.

The netted BEETHOVEN flexible pool fencing system can be rolled when not in use and stored easily.

Technical details of the Beethoven netted pool fencing system

Height of modules
1,22 m or made to measure up to 1,80 m
Rigid aluminium, with reinforced base for maximal weather resistance
Number of stakes
1 every meter
Polyester netting covered with a PVC coating (excellent resistance to weather conditions), including anti-UV treatment
Netting resistance
3 Tonnes/m²
Safety latch
With stainless steel safety latch at the end of each module.

Type of fixation
Drilling into ground
Sleeve diameter
16mm or 30mm
On all types of ground surface (paving, earth, wood...) depending on the chosen sleeve.

In just a few minutes, partially or totally. After positioning, the stake holes are protected with shields (conform to the norm). Polyester netting is protected with a PVC coating giving an excellent lifespan and resistance to weather conditions.
With automatic closing system, as obliged for public pools in guest houses, hotels, housing complexes, childcare centres...

See the Beethoven pool fencing system installation guide here

Opening and closing your Beethoven pool fence

Safety latch
Beethoven pool fencing opens and closes by using the security latch. Two hands are needed to open the latch, conforming to applicable security legislation. Situated at the highest point of the stakes, the latch is non-accessible to young children and requires the intervention of an adult.

Each module of your pool fencing constitutes an opening. Just unhook the security crochet and lift your module upwards to free its base from the ground surface. Easily manipulated, the Beethoven secures your pool while guaranteeing easy access for adults.

On option : The "Easy" automatic gate

For further security, you can equip your Beethoven pool with an automatic gate. The Easy gate is composed of a central section and two 25cm lateral sections. Featuring a gate closing system that corresponds to applicable security norms for public pools. This feature also gives security assurance in a residential configuration. To open, an adult's presence is required as the latch and the opening button is inaccessible to children.
The spring shutting system ensures automatic closing after your passage.

Easy gate for Beethoven system

Easy gate

The EASY automatic gate exists in two versions:

Version of EASY gateAnchoring systemStructure
Portable EASY gateDrilled anchoring holes 16 or 30 mm / 14 cm sleeves / Smooth ground level and good quality screed requiredFeatures central section and two 15.5cm lateral rigid sections.
Anchored EASY gate (fixed position)Fixed to floor platesFeatures central section and two 15.5cm lateral rigid sections

A supplied sheet of plexiglass blocks the passage of hands at the level of the latch.

This sheet secures access at the junction of the gate and the juxtapositioned module.

Features of the EASY gate

Plexiglass protection on EASY gate

Length between axis
1300 mm
Height above ground surface
Space between axes
6,5 cm
Ground anchorage
Portable gate, ground anchorage on ground surface,16 or 30 mm (sleeves 14 cm)
Magna Latch court (inaccessible to children).
Sprung, ensuring automatic closing (speed is adjustable).

Lock Beethoven fencing system
Opening system features press button, requiring two hand manipulation, inaccessible to children
Sprung hinges
Sprung hinge system

On option : Automatic gate PLATINIUM

The Platinium is compatible with
- The flexible Beethoven fencing system
- The Beethoven rigid fencing system with 30 mm drilling holes (NOT compatible with the rigid fencing system on floor plates)

Platinium gate

Technical features of PLATINIUM automatic gate

Dimensions (total measurement with floor plate)
114 cm
Dimensions between the stakes axes
112 cm
Dimensions of gate swing
93.50 cm
Dimensions of floor plates
Length 13 cm x Depth 17 cm

Colour choice Beethoven Standard

- black netting or green on anodised stakes
- black netting on black laquared stakes

Black netting
Green netting
Black netting

Trend colours of the Beethoven pool fencing system BEETHOVEN Trend pool fencing system
- white netting on anodised stakes
- anthracite netting on anthracite laquared stakes
- green netting on green laquared stakes
- chocolate netting on chocolate laquared stakes

Trend colours

Rigid sections

Rigid sections are used on the periphery of automatic gates when they are positioned at a right angle or a curve. They reinforce the installation and reabsorb tension in these zones which are subjected to greater mechanical stress.

One rigid section is used at a right angle, two at a curve on either side of the gate.
Two large sections are available: 25 and 50cm. The 25cm section is recommended at an angular point, the 50cm in a curved point.

2 drilling diameters : 16 and 30mm.

These sections are supplied with a latch and two sleeve concealers.

They can be positioned on two types of ground surfaces: Concrete or earth/wood using optional adapters.

Available colours :
- black netting with grey anodised frame
- green netting with grey anodised frame
- black netting with black laquared frame
Rigid sections Beethoven system

Split level module

Split level module BEETHOVEN
The "split level module" secures the junction between 2 modules of different heights.

A maximum height of 1,80 m, maintaining the superior level of the barrier avoiding all climbing tentatives from the upper level.


BEETHOVEN Trend pool fencing system:
- white netting on anodised stakes
- anthracite grey netting on anthracite laquared stakes
- green netting on green laquared stakes
- chocolate netting on chocolate laquared stakes


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