Stella WPX30 pool projector

Stella WPX30 pool projector
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Stella WPX30 projector flush to wall
EUR 249.00
9 LED pool projector
Easy installation with wall support
Powerful 1000lm beam
Low energy consumption
Multicoloured beam
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The Stella WPX30 prolongs your swimming time after nightfall.

Its diffused light valorises your pool finish.

The WPX30 features 9 LEDs enabling you to create and play with varied atmospheres and colours.

LED technology guarantees a better lifespan and creates less heat than a classic bulb.
Stella WPM40 pool projector in position

Technical details

The range of colours available with the Stella WPX30 are obtained by mixing the 3 primary colours : red, green and blue. By adjusting the intensity of these three colours, 16 million shades can be obtained.

This projector operates independently, offering a choice of 18 modes : 11 static colours and 7 automatic sequences that you can control by the simple press of a button.

You can also selection the option of distance control using a command box.

Available colours Stella WPX30 pool projector

Adapted to all pool types, the Stella WPX30 can be fixed to different types of pool finishes : plastered concrete/tiles or liner, shell, sheeted panels/liner or wood.
When installing, the Stella is locked into place using a bayonet system in the wall support. Depending on the type of construction, several solutions are possible:

Concrete wall crossing
Plastered concrete/tiles
Concrete/liner wall crossing
Polyester shell wall crossing
Polyester shell
Steel panel / liner wall crossing
Steel panels with liner
Wooden wall crossing
Wooden pools

The transformers power

The transformer on which the LED WPM40 is connected should have a secondary power output of 12v.

Its power must be adequate to the requirements of the projectors to which it is connected.

The below table indicates the number of projectors that the transformer can power, depending on its capacity.

Transformer power
Maximum number of WPX30 projectors

When effectuating connection, an independent protection must be installed for each projector. 5A fuses or trip switches can be used.

Technical characteristics

Supply power
12V AC 50Hz/60Hz
Consumed power
Type of LED
Number of LEDs
9 : 3 red, 3 green and 3 blue
Number of colours
16 million
Colour control
On/Off switch or by radio remote control via Brio RC box (on option)
ø255mm x 91mm
Wall support
Weight of projector
Projection index

Contents of package

- 1 Stella WPX30 projector
- 1 wall bracket
- 3 fixation plug
- 3 fixation screws
- 1 o-ring kit
- 1 technical sheet


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