Harvia Claro saunas

Harvia Claro sauna
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Harvia Claro S2116LS sauna
Range of wooden saunas with 3 to 5 person capacity,
Ventura interior design,
Glass front panels, easy to install,
Harvia electric stove distant control panel supplied
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Harvia Claro S2116LS sauna
Ref. Abatik 017512 Ref. Provider S2116LS
EUR 20359
20359 €
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Harvia Claro sauna S2121LS
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The Claro range of saunas feature totally glazed front section and panelled outer walls. Outer angles and the ceiling border echoes the rounded design of this sauna.

The wall panels of the Claro are composed of :
- 15mm deep inner and outer panelling
- 50mm thick thermal insulation
- aluminium vapour barrier


Mineral wool acts as a thermal insulator: limiting heat loss ensuring low consumption of the electric stove and guaranteeing a fast temperature rise when required

Vapour barrier

Positioned between the inner panelling and mineral wool, an aluminium vapour barrier stops humidity from penetrating the insulation to avoid mildew and disagreeable odours.
Harvia Claro sauna

Sauna access

Each Claro sauna is equipped with an 8mm tempered glass panel ensuring an excellent thermal insulation.

The desired opening direction of the door should be stated when ordering

The sauna's integrated ventilation system efficiently retains only a low level of humidity and can, therefore, reach high-temperature levels, fast.

Inside the sauna

Inner panelling, benches, back rests and inter bench panelling is made from Ceiba. Ceiba is an exotic wood, cream in colour with yellow and pink veins, renowned for structural flexibility.

The Claro features two lamps and LED band integrated to the upper benches valorising the sauna's interior design.

Harvia Claro sauna with Ventura interior
Harvia Claro sauna with Ceiba interior design


The Claro is easy to install and is supplied with interlocking panels.

No specific technical aptitude is required to accomplic sucsessful installation.

As with all traditional Finnish steam saunas, the Claro has no floor panelling.

The sauna should be installed, in preference, on a tiled floor to facilitate cleaning and better hygiene.
Harvia Claro kit

Claro sauna in detail


Claro S2116LS


Claro S2121LS

2066 x 1592 x H2070mm
± 6,8m³
3 to 4 persons
Lower bench width
Upper bench width
Harvia Kivi PI70

Installation Claro S2116LS
2066 x 2066 x H2070mm
± 8,8m³
4 to 5 persons
Lower bench width
Upper bench width
Harvia Kivi PI90

Installation Claro S2121LS

Claro sauna stoves

The Harvia Kivi electric sauna stove is distinguished by its individual conical shape, made from stainless steel.

Open on all surfaces, two types of heat can be generated :
- Intense, by pouring water on the side of the stove.
- Gentle, by pouring water on the top of the stove.

Kivi stoves are managed by a distant control unit that can be positioned inside or outside the sauna.
This allows you to manage :
- sauna preheat (up to 18h in advance)
- temperature control (from +40°C to +110°C)
- program the length of your sauna (from 2 to 8h)
Kivi stove with Claro sauna

Harvia Claro sauna

Technical characteristics

ModelClaro S2116LSClaro S2121LS
StoveKivi PI70Kivi PI90
Power supplyThree-phaseThree-phase
DimensionsL370 x w370 x H1200mmL370 x w370 x H1200mm
Maximum capacity stone compartment100kg100kg
Control unitDistant, suppliedDistant, supplied
Stove positionSet on groundSet on ground

Equipment featured with the Claro sauna

ModelClaro S2116LSClaro S2121LS
Horizontal panels, easy to install1212
Glass panels22
Rounded angles44
Tepered glass door11
Rounded ceiling borders44
Ventilation system11
Lower bench11
Upper bench22
Inter-bench panelling22
Back rest22
Integrated lamps22
LED band11
PVC slat11
Sauna user kit (bucket, ladel, thermometer)11
Stove with protection and sauna stones11
Users manuel11

Harvia Claro sauna

Harvia Claro S2121LS


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