Harvia Rondium steam sauna

Harvia Rondium
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Ref. Abatik 008221
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HARVIA Rondium S2015KL sauna
Non corrosive steel finish,
Steam stove,
Made in Finland
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HARVIA Rondium S2015KL sauna
Ref. Abatik 008221 Ref. Provider S2015KL
EUR 18352
18352 €
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HARVIA Rondium S2020KL sauna
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HARVIA Rondium S2222KL sauna
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The new Rondium spa from Harvia is perfect for those who wish to enhance their well being.
A rounded glass opening featuring double doors and outer ceiling (made from non-corrosive steel) equipped with LED lamps complete this sauna's elegant design.
The sauna base and decorative elements (stainless steel) positioned on the outer panels, offer a modern design and protection against humidity on the floor area.
Harvia Rondium

Rondium discriptive

ModelVolumeStove modelElectrical supplyCable section
HARVIA Rondium S2015KL6m³Topclass Combi KV60SE400 V_
HARVIA Rondium S2020KL8m³Topclass Combi KV80SE400 V_
HARVIA Rondium S2222KL11m³Topclass Combi KV90SE400 V_

Harvia Rondium sauna
"Exclusive" Poplar finish.
"Exclusive" Poplar finish provides elegant, luminous, gentle design.
Benches, back rests and inter bench panels are made from Abachi.
In the Exclusive range, the benches, backrests and angled modules are removable to facilitate maintenance and cleaning.
Harvia Topclass Combi stove with Harvia Rondium sauna
Harvia Topclass Combi stove.
This stove combines heat generated by both electricity and evaporation, offering different types of saunas. You have the choice between a traditional Finnish, steam or aromatherapy based sauna. This stove is particularly convenient for those who appreciate a gentler, humid heat.
Harvia colour light system with Rondium sauna
HARVIA Color Light system.
The Harvia Color Light system creates the desired atmosphere at any given time inside your sauna. Colour has a considerable influence on our well being. Colour Light from Harvia is a lighting system managed by a control unit and is adapted for use with the to medium and large range. Featuring four halogen lamps of varied colours (yellow, red, blue and green). The sequencing of colours can be managed manually or automatically.
Griffin distance control unit with Harvia Rondium sauna
Griffin Combi distance control
Esthetic and discreet, the Griffin Combi integrates easily into all environments. Small and flat, it can be fitted inside or outside of the sauna.

Easy to use, you can fully manage sauna options : length of sauna, temperature, lighting.
Supplied with power block, temperature and humidity sensor with 4m cable and command management unit with 5m cable.
Stone wall panel with Harvia Rondium sauna
Decorative stone wall panel.
The Harvia decorative stone wall panel can be installed behind the stove or be used to cover a whole wall panel or corner of the sauna.
Made of high-quality ceramic stone. Aluminium rails accentuate the verticality of your sauna. The decorative stone wall panel completes the interior design of the Rondium and association with the stove, brings its final touch
Harvia Rondium sauna
Traditional sauna
The choice of a HARVIA offers Finnish sauna tradition and experience.
A high-quality product combining esthetic and easy installation.
Harvia allows you to create a unique and elegant interior to your sauna.

Harvia Rondium sauna

HARVIA Rondium sauna dimensions and models

HARVIA Rondium S2015KL dimensions
Dimensions of HARVIA Rondium S2015KL
HARVIA Rondium S2015KL dimensions
Dimensions of HARVIA Rondium S2020KL
HARVIA Rondium S2015KL dimensions
Dimensions of HARVIA Rondium S2222KL

Height of HARVIA Rondium : 2,05m.


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