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Rubic Harvia sauna
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RUBIC sauna with FUTURA interior design S2118RC
Range of saunas with a 2 to 5 person capacity,
Futura interior design,
Apparent stone inner decor,
Harvia electric stove,
Easy installation
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RUBIC sauna with FUTURA interior design S2118RC
Ref. Abatik 014027 Ref. Provider S2118RC
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13355 €
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RUBIC sauna with FUTURA interior design S2121RC
Ref. Abatik 014032 Ref. Provider S2121RC
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RUBIC sauna with FUTURA interior design S2123RC
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The range of Rubic saunas features several models, offering 2 to 5 person capacity, combines modernity, quality and easy installation.
Harvia Rubic wooden sauna

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Rubic S2118RC sauna with Aspen paneling
Harvia Rubic wooden sauna

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Rubic S2123RC sauna with Dark Aspen structure panels

The Rubic sauna elegantly associates wood, metal and glass. The outer structure is composed of panels, two wooden slatted shutters dress the glass front section of the sauna.

Stainless steel corner profiles and base of the sauna bring a touch of modernity to the design of the Rubic.

Choice of wood type

A choice of three species of wood are available for the outer structure of the Rubic: Alder, Aspen or heat treated Aspen.

A choice of four species of wood are available for the Futura inner structure: Abachi, Alder, Aspen or heat treated Aspen.

- Abachi is a poor conductor of heat, without resin or knots. Soft to touch without the risk of splinters.

- Alder is a warmer coloured wood, graduating from pink to deep red. A poor thermal conductor with excellent resistance to strong temperatures.

- Aspen is light in colour, carries a scent but is without resin. Resists humidity and high temperatures, conserving its colour with time. Heat treated Aspen is dark in colour.
Inner view Rubic sauna

Spacer20Spacer20Inside view of Rubic S2121RC

Abachi structure

Alder structure

Aspen structure

Heat treated Aspen structure

Heat treated Aspen

Wall panels

The panels of the Rubic are composed of:
- 15mm inside and outside panels (1)
- Thermal insulation (mineral wool) 80mm in depth, compressed to 50mm (2)
- Aluminium vapour barrier (3)


Mineral wool thermally insulates wall panels: This limits heat loss, guaranteeing a low consumption of energy by the sauna stove whilst providing a fast temperature rise.


Positioned between the inner wooden slats and mineral wool, the aluminium vapour barrier prevents humidity from penetrating the sauna's insulation. If the vapour barrier is not installed, humidity accumulates in the mineral wool causing rot and disagreeable odours, making your sauna unusable.
Composition wall section Harvia saunas

Sauna access

Each Rubic sauna features an 8mm tempered glass door that provides excellent thermal insulation.

When ordering your sauna, please specify the direction in which the door should be opened.

Each Rubic is equipped with adjustable feet (20 to 40mm) to protect the structure from humidity.
Adjustable legs Rubic sauna

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Adjustable sauna legs


Easy to install, Rubic saunas are delivered as stackable panels.

No particular technical knowledge is required for set up and installation.

As with traditional Finnish saunas, the Rubic does not have floorboards.

The sauna should be preferably be installed on a tiled floor to facilitate cleaning to guarantee better hygine.
Installation schema Rubic sauna from Harvia

Rubic saunas in detail


Rubic S2118RC


Rubic S2121RC


[Rubic S2123RC

2080 x 1780 x H2050mm
± 7,5m³
2 to 3 persons
2 Benches
1885 x 500mm and 1075 x 600mm
Harvia Topclass Combi KV80SE

S2118RC installation schema
2080 x 2080 x H2050mm
± 8,8m³
3 to 4 personnes
2 benches
1885 x 600mm and 1275 x 600mm
Harvia Topclass Combi KV80SE

Rubic S2123RC sauna
2280 x 2080 x H2050mm
± 9,8m³
4 to 5 persons
2 benches
2075 x 600mm and 1130 x 885mm
Harvia Topclass Combi KV90SE

Rubic S2121RC sauna

Rubic sauna stoves

The Harvia Topclass Combi electric stove is an electric stove combined with an evaporator. This offers the enjoyment of two types of saunas:
- Traditional Finnish style (dry and hot): temperature ranging between 80°C and 110°C with a humidity rate between 10 and 30%.
- A more humid atmosphere with a lower temperature: temperature ranging between 40°C and 70°C with a humidity rate of 60 to 90%.

This stove is particularly suitable for users who appreciate gentler, more humid saunas with essential oils.

Control unit

The Harvia Topclass Combi is managed by the Harvia Griffin distance control unit which is supplied. The unit is mounted on an outer angle of the sauna and allows you to:
- preheat the sauna (up to 12h in advance)
- temperature management (from +40°C to +110°C)
- program the duration of the sauna session (from 1 to 12h)
- manage the humidity rate (from 20 to 95%)
- manage lighting
Harvia Griffin CG170C

Topclass combi electric sauna stove

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Topclass Combi stove with surround protection and decorative background decor in the Rubic S2123RC sauna

Technical characteristics

ModelRubic S2118RC / Rubic S2121RCRubic S2123RC
StoveTopclass Combi KV80SETopclass Combi KV90SE
DimensionsL400 x w360 x H640mmL400 x w360 x H640mm
Stone compartment capacity20kg20kg
Water resevoir capacity5 litres5 litres
Control unitSeperated, suppliedSeperated, supplied
PositionInstallation on ground level or wall mountedInstallation on ground level or wall mounted

Rubic sauna equippment

ModelRubic S2118RCRubic S2121RCRubic S2123RC
Horizontal dovetail panels121212
Glass panels with slatted shutters222
Stainless steel profiles888
Tempered glass door111
Ventilation system111
Lower bench111
Upper bench222
Panels for between benches222
Lamps integrated to backrests222
Abachi headrest112
Decorative stone wall panel111
Slatted PVC flooring111
Sauna kit (bucket, ladel, thermometer)111
Stove with protective surround and volcanic stones111
Installation manual111

Rubic sauna from Harvia
Accessories for the Harvia Rubic Sauna

Picture to the left shows Harvia Rubic S2123RC sauna with heat treated Aspen panels, to the right : Decorative stone wall panel and accessory kit


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