ROLLER BAR removable security cover

Roller Bar barred security cover
Recommended retail price 2024 starting from :
82 €/m²
Our Price starting from :
82 €/m² Including VAT
Ref. Abatik 009351
ROLLER BAR removable barred security cover
EUR 82.00
Summer/Winter cover,
Rolling bar concept, fast and easy manipulation without effort with reel,
For pools with maximum dimensions of 11m50 x 5m
In stock

Presentation of the The ROLLER BAR

The ROLLER BAR is a barred security cover designed for those who wish to protect their pool whilst benefiting from effortless manipulation.

Most barred security cover on the market have the inconvenience of slow and fastidious rolling (certainly when using a manual crank).

The specificity of ROLLER BAR is characterised by the two wheels featured at the extremity of each bar.

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Roller bar in situ


This cover requires an overlap of +40cm in length and width Price including VAT Not including available options

Length (m)Width 3mWidth 3m50Width 4mWidth 4m50Width 5m
5,001600 €1700 €1869 €1969 €2069 €
5,501600 €1700 €1869 €1969 €2069 €
6,001810 €1969 €2120 €2230 €2390 €
6,501810 €1969 €2120 €2230 €2390 €
7,001810 €1969 €2120 €2230 €2390 €
7,502030 €2190 €2379 €2640 €2939 €
8,002030 €2190 €2379 €4039 €4330 €
8,503619 €3939 €4200 €4390 €4799 €
9,003619 €3939 €4200 €4390 €4799 €
9,504200 €4349 €4799 €unavailableunavailable
10,004200 €4459 €4799 €unavailableunavailable
10,504559 €4899 €5190 €unavailableunavailable
11,004559 €4899 €5190 €unavailableunavailable
11,505390 €5649 €unavailableunavailableunavailable

4 point security

1. The extremities of aluminium bars are positioned on the pool coping.

2. The surface tension of the canvas is adjusted by ratchet tensioners.

3. Polyester canvas reinforced on the upper and lower side. 650 gr/m2.

4. Guaranteed conform to norm Nf P 90-308.
Roller Bar resistance

Easy and effortless manipulation

The double wheels featured on the extremity of each bar present the following advantages :

- The bars and canvas roll without friction against the pool surround, avoiding premature use.
- The bars have a dependable stability and can be easily moved on rough surfaces or edges.
- This system allows easy manipulation on pool cooping that is not perfectly grouted or surfaces which are not perfectly flat.
- This cover is compatible with the majority of pool shapes and ladders.

Roller Bar step by step
Detail wheels Roller Bar

A security cover perfectly adapted to its environment

-The pool is protected from leaves, insects and other debris and dirt.
- Excellent rainwater evacuation using the polyester netted grid, retaining impurities.
- Avoids impurities using perfectly opaque canvas, including under the rainwater evacuation grid.
- Reduces the use of chemical treatment chemicals.
- Isothermic effect heightens the water temperature and so lengthens the swimming season. The cover conserves the suns calories and avoids heat loss during the night.

Roller bar schema

Available colours

Upper side blue lower side beige
Upper side green, lower side beige
Upper side beige, lower side beige

Frequent shapes

Frequent shapes

Standard delivery

Cover finished, complete with bars, accessories, standard material with reel and manual crank system.

On option : ROLLER BAR reel with leg fixation system

Lacquered aluminium legs with stainless steel floor plates.

This model features a vertical articulation which allows the user to easily regulate the covers height as to correct an uneven floor surface. (Ref Photo A)

The ROLLER BAR manual version

(Ref Photo B)
A crank, connected to a torque multiplier, enables easy manipulation of the cover.
Roller bar leg option

ROLLER BAR, motorised version

This model's motor is contained inside the axis. Very quiet in operation, controlled by a remote control.

Rolling action is totally automated, in one easy movement. Covering your pool is easy using the directional strap. The system benefits from a limit management system.

The cover operates on a low voltage power supply (24 V) replying to security norms.

The kit includes a transformer and the actioning system operated by remote control, designed and constructed for outdoor use.

Complementary information

- The manual system is recommended for pools lesser than 8 x 4 m, for pools with larger dimensions, up to 10 x 6 m, the motorised system is required.
- Minimum dimensions: width 3m
- This cover requires an overlap of at least 20 cm
- It is possible to adjust the height of bars. Ref schema A
- A space of 5 cm is required for the wheels to comfortably operate Ref schema B
- The cover is constituted by sections spaced every 1,48 m
Adjustment of Roller Bar


2 years on the canvas, aluminium profiles, straps, crank and tensioning elements.
2 years on the motorisation

Photos non-contractual
Price incl. VAT

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