WALU POOL Evolution

Walu Pool EVOLUTION barred security cover
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46 €/m²
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46 €/m² Including VAT
Ref. Abatik 000398
WALU POOL EVOLUTION opaque barred pool cover
4 season barred cover
Opaque or solar canvas
For free form or rectangular pools up to 11x5m maximum dimensions
Interchangeable sections in case of canvas deterioration
7 available colour choices in opaque canvas or 1 available choice for solar covers
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-308
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WALU POOL EVOLUTION opaque barred pool cover
Ref. Abatik 000398
EUR 46
Price starting from
46 €
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WALU POOL EVOLUTION solar barred pool cover
Ref. Abatik 001731
EUR 45
Price starting from
45 €
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Protection apron for Walu pool evolution opaque barred security cover conform to the norm NFP 90-308
Ref. Abatik 007050
EUR 43
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43 €
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WALU POOL EVOLUTION barred security cover grey opaque
Ref. Abatik 024145 Ref. Provider WPEVOOPG
EUR 45
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45 €
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WALU POOL EVOLUTION barred security cover moka opaque
Ref. Abatik 024144 Ref. Provider WPEVOOPM
EUR 45
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45 €
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WALU POOL EVOLUTION barred security cover midnight blue opaque
Ref. Abatik 024141 Ref. Provider WPEVOOPN
EUR 45
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WALU POOL EVOLUTION barred security cover sand opaque
Ref. Abatik 024143 Ref. Provider WPEVOOPS
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WALU POOL EVOLUTION barred security cover opaque switzerland green
Ref. Abatik 024142 Ref. Provider WPEVOOPVS
EUR 45
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45 €
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WALU POOL EVOLUTION barred security cover opaque anthracite
Ref. Abatik 024146 Ref. Provider WPEVOOPA
EUR 45
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45 €
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WALU POOL Evolution security cover
for pools with maximum dimensions of 11m x 5m.

WALU POOL covers are designed with one concept in mind - Pool user's security
*scheduled delivery 3 weeks after order

** Overlap + 40cm on the parameter of the pool to ensure correct cover hold.

Features of the WALU POOL barred cover

Surface view Evolution

EVOLUTION aluminium bars
positioned on cover's surface, bar endings
are placed on the pool surround
Half-rounded support bars made from anodised aluminium are positioned on the surface of the cover, bar endings are positioned on the pool surround. The covers panels are reinforced and interchangeable, made from flexible, composite canvas that benefits from an anti-abrasion treatment. A dependable ground fixation system, that is the key to a reliable security system.

WALU POOL : pool protection and cleanliness all year round !

By means of its concept and peripheral sealing system means your pool stays clean throughout the year. This type of cover replaces a summer cover and reel, winterizing cover and any other pool security device.

- Anodised aluminium profiles.
- PVC interchangeable panels (patented system) linked by the aluminium bars : ideal if repairs are needed as they are independent and interchangable.
- Reinforced PVC 650g/m², with anti-UV, anti-abrasion and anti-staining treatment.
- Perforated on its surface to allow the evacuation of rainwater, avoiding the formation of stagnant water pools on the cover's surface.
- The cover adapts to most pool shapes.

Please consult us for all pool shapes other than rectangular.
- Maximum width 5m and maximum length 11m with steps.
For covers lesser than 20m² contact us for your personalised quote. Stair cut (not counting material) : + 80€ incl VAT

Interchangeable, modulable panels

WALU POOL : The only barred pool cover with interchangeable panels !

Patented, exclusive WALTER system : The panels and anodised aluminium tubes that the cover is composed of are interchangeable and can be replaced individually if repairs are needed.

This advantage allows you to replace only the damaged section of the cover in the case of repair. The panels can be individually removed and so in the case that your cover is ripped, for example, only the damaged portion can be replaced rather than the whole cover.
This cover adapts to the majority of pool shapes. A surcharge will be applied for free-form pools where specific cuts are required.

Full view of Walu Pool Evolution

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Rectangular pool using Walu Pool Evolution.

Free form pools Walu Pool Evolution

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Free form pool using Walu Pool Evolution.

Fixation system used for cover

This cover is equiped with a adjustable, movable strap that allows adaptation to various anchor points on the pool's width.
Fixations used for Walu Pool Evolution

2 types of peripheral fixations :
For security:
By ratchet tensioners
on the covers lengths (fast and easy)
For poor weather conditions :
By bungee tensioners on the covers lengths
(positive point for winterizing use)

Optional fixations

Fast attaching system on the covers lengths.

Technical schema Walu Pool Evolution
1) Anodised aluminium structural bars with anti-abrasion protection
2) Anti lifting kit
3) Stainless steel retractable bolts
4) Belts (with adjustable tension) storage side
5) Rainwater evacuation cavities
6) Stainless steel ratchet tensioners on rolling side

Fast fixations available on option

Leaf protection and anti-lifting system

This system offers perfect hold of the cover on the whole length of the pool, indicating that the cover no longer lifts so dirt, debris and leaves can no longer enter your pool water.

Thermo-bonded and positioned on the two lengths of the cover, this system can replace Cabiclic fixation eyelets.
This indicates easy manipulation and installation without the requirement to drill holes or have bolts around your pool border.
Anti lifting strap

Two versions of the cover : Solar or Opaque


By day, the cover captures and hold the calories from the sun, creating a thermo-insulating layer, avoiding calorie loss during the night hours. Water is reheated, economising energy. The duration of use of your cover is therefore lengthened.


By blocking light, the development of algae and pathogens is slowed. The use of chemical treatment products is, therefore, considerably reduced.

Available colours of the cover

7 available colours for the opaque version of the cover and 1 available colour for the solar version.

Midnight Blue
Midnight Blue
Moka (available from April 2017)
Anthracite grey
Switzerland green
Switzerland green
Translucid white
Translucide white (560g/m²)

Walu Pool Evolution grey anthracite

Cover use and storage

Easy to roll
A guiding strap allows you to unroll your cover, quickly and effortlessly.

Required storage space is compact once rolled at the end of the pool.

The cover is supplied with a manual crank to facilitate rolling.

From inner pool dimensions of 10 x 5 m, two manual cranks are supplied with the cover.

Available on option : Motorised crank

Two choices of motorised cranks are available:

- For pools measuring a maximum of 10 X 5 m : WALU COOL motorised crank for barred pool covers
- For pools measuring a maximum of 11 X 5m : WALU POWER motorised crank for barred pool covers

Walu Cool
Walu Power

Winch option to un-roll your cover

You may require a motorised solution to unroll your cover.

The Walu WINCH is fixed to the ground surface at the end of the pool width, rolling the directional strap gradually.
It can be actioned by a crank or connected to the Walu POWER or Walu COOL.

Walu Winch

Guarantee and maintenance

The cover as a whole, including its fixation system, should be inspected twice a year. A further inspection is required after an incident or period of extreme weather conditions (person falling on the cover, storm, heavy snowfall etc...) to maintain total security. It is imperative to change any damaged material or element. Forbid and stop pool access till repairs have been completed.

Security recommendations

- This security system does not replace common sense or individual responsibility.
- The cover should be systematically shut in the case of even the shortest absence.


5 years on the cover
2 years on the manual crank

Photos non-contractual
Price incl. VAT

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