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Fitting perfectly into your pool and garden surroundings; discover our complete range of solar showers: Aluminium or PVC body, with or without water mist and foot rinse features, mixer taps and adjustable shower heads. Simple to install with fast connectors.
Installing a shower in your pool or garden surroundings allows you to rinse off before entering the water or simply to freshen up whilst in the garden. A solar shower produces hot water free of charge using the energy of the sun.
A mixer tap mixes hot and cold water to just the right temperature.
An integrated water mist allows you to freshen up without showering using a fine drop system.
An integrated foot rinse is useful, keeping your pool border and home free of dirty footprints.
A shower is positioned on any firm support on ground-level and it water supply is provided by fast connectors coupled with a watering hose.
It is essential to winterize your shower at the end of the season. A drain valve at the bottom of the shower body evacuates the residual water before frost or ice deteriorate your shower.
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