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Natural and ecological material for your pool

Every environmentally friendly attitude counts towards the protection of our planet. Discover our range of ecological material at discount price today!

Ecological and natural pool material in detail

For more ecological filtration

Variable speed pumps

The pump is at the heart of your pool system: without the pump, no filtration is possible, however, a pump can represent high electrical consumption. Variable speed pumps were designed to avoid needless use of electricity. The speed of motor rotation is adapted to the requirements of your pool, resulting in:
• Reduction of chemical product consumption
• Reduction of needless electrical consumption

Did you know that a variable speed pump running at low speed consumes the same amount of electricity as a lightbulb?
Imagine a 3HP pump, that will more than often run at the same speed as a 0.4HP or 1HP: this guarantees an economy on the motor and its components. This gives you access to material which will resist with time.

Another important point to consider is that if you change an element of your pool system (such as a heat pump) you no longer need to replace your pool pump to have a compatible water flow with the new element. Simply adjust the flow rate of the variable speed pump to the new required flow rate.

Diatomaceous earth filters

By means of their high level of filtration capacity, these filters obtain clear water with less chemical treatment use. Diatomaceous earth is powdered marine fossils with a siliceous external skeleton. This substance has been used for many years in the pharmaceutical industry as a filtering medium.
Diatomaceous earth filter allows you to:
• Retain more bacteria and enjoy crystalline quality pool water
• Use less water treatment products
• To no longer require the use of flocculants

Waterco Multicyclone pre-filter

The maintenance of your pool filter requires back-washes to purge the filter of retained impurities. Each backwash ejects an important volume of water into the sewerage system (up to 500L wasted per backwash !).
To reduce this waste of water and eject fewer treatment products into the water system, there is the ecological system of the Waterco Multicyclone pre-filter.
The unit operates like a centrifuge, blocking a large amount of debris before arrival at the pool filter. The pre-filter does not require an energy source to operate and allows a saving of up to 5000 litres of water per year, preserving the lifespan of your filter.

Avoid a cold shower!

It is recommended to take a shower before and after pool use. Installed close to your pool and connected to the plumbing system, a solar shower uses the sun's energy to produce hot water at more than 40°C.

Green heat for your pool

Solar heating

The best energy source is free of charge. Solar heating is the only way to heat your pool for free and prolong your swimming season.

Heat pump

More ecological, producing 4 to 5 times more energy than consumed. Compared to a classic heating system (using resistances) a heat pump uses less energy. It's cooling gas does not contain CFC's.

Water dechloration

Your pool ejects water back into the environment, specifically during backwash cycles of the filter. This water contains chlorine and cannot be recycled by watering your garden, cleaning your car etc.
Using a dechlorination unit, positioned before water ejection to the sewerage system this water becomes recyclable. Specific tablets neutralise the chlorine present in the water. The cleansed water can then be sent to a cistern for storage or directly to water your garden.

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