Astral Modul'Eau water level regulator

Astral Modul Eau water level regulator
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Modul'Eau electronic water level regulator
EUR 681.00
For skimmer or infinity pools,
Automatic filling,
Ensures a constant water level,
Easy installation
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The Astral Modul'Eau water level regulator supervises and automatically adjusts the water level of your pool. Adapted to all skimmer and infinity pools, this unit ensures a constant water level, automatically. Using a detection sensor and automatic filling function, Modul'eau regulates your waterline with precision.


Modul'eau supervises and regulates every hour your pool's water level. If the sensor is not immersed in water it will detect a lack of water in the pool and fill, as required by opening an electro valve.

The detection sensor is positioned to correspond with the desired water level. You can place the sensor:

- In your skimmer (preferably in the skimmer's mouth to avoid variations due to pump operation.
- In the catch pool (in the case of an infinity pool)
- Against your pool wall
- Against your pool shutter duct
Easy installation: to be stuck in place with adhesive joint

Control box

Installed in your technical shelter the control box of Modul'Eau features an user-friendly front panel. Luminous signals indicate working operations :
Astral Modul Eau water level regulator front panel


When the power supply reaches the unit, Modul'Eau checks the operation of the electro-valve which remains open for 10 seconds.


The electro-valve is open


The sensor is immersed with pool water


If the operation of your electro valve lasts longer than the pre-programmed security period, Modul'Eau detects an automatic fill default. The "Auto fill stop" function is activated and suspends electro-valve activity.


This allows you to re-boot your regulator after a fault detection.

To deactivate the "Auto fill stop" and use the electro-valve for a limited period, just press RESET. The power supply indicator flashes slowly during the automatic filling process. This function is useful if you wish to fully fill your pool.


Power supply
240 V / 50 Hz
5 W
Outlet for electrovalve
Yes (24 V / 230 mA maxi)
Not supplied with kit
Sensor dimensions (lxwd)
12 x 70 x 10 mm
Length of sensor cables
2 m
Command box dimensions (lxhxp)
205 x 175 x 85 mm
Index of protection


2 years

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