UVECO UV treatment
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UVECO S15 UV treatment for pools lesser than < 70 m³
  • Maximum pool volume 100 m3
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UVECO S15 UV treatment for pools lesser than < 70 m³
Ref. 008307
EUR 739
739 €
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UVECO S30 treatment for pools lesser than 150 m³
Ref. 006958
EUR 1899
1899 €
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UVECO S 40 UV treatment for pool lesser than 200 m³
Ref. 008308
EUR 2049
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POOL-NET BASIC dosing pump
Ref. 007883
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The UVECO sterilising treatment is part of the last generation UV treatments. Featuring a 316L stainless steel body, boasting exceptional performance and value for money the UVECO is a star in the range of UV water treatment.

Operational system

The UV steriliser is installed using a by-pass on the filtration circuit after your pool filter (see schema).
At the filter outlet, water will pass through the treatment chamber (the stainless steel body), in which are contained 2 ultraviolet lamps.
The emitted UV's (UVc) will destroy germs, viruses, bacteria, spores algae, fungus and all other micro-organisms present in the water.
This procedure is economic, environmentally friendly and does not create or leave residue in your pool.

Installation schema for UV sterilisation
Operational schema UVECO
1. UV steriliser
2. Power supply
3. Pool
4. Filtration pump
5. Filter
6. By-Pass

Advantages of U.V treatment :

- Swimmers comfort: No smell, no chemical residue
- Lengthened lifespan of pool material (pump, liner, tile grouting...)


Model Maximum volume of poolFiltration speedFiltration powerUV lamp capacityNumber of lampsUV cylinder diameterInlet/outlet diameter
UVECO S 1570 m³12/16 m³/h¾ - 1 HP80 Watt1130 mm2"
UVECO S 30150 m³25/33 m³/h1,5 - 2 HP160 Watt2205 mm2"½
UVECO S 40200 m³33/40 m³/h2 - 3 HP240 Watt3205 mm2"½

Details UVECO
1 Stainless steel body 300
2 Command box
3 Union connections x2 (on option)
4 Monobloc UV Lamp(s)
5 Power cable
Operation UVECO

Treatment chamber
300 stainless steel tube
Lamp UV
Quartz + cell monobloc
UV wavelength
Electronic ballast
Energy saving program that lengthens the lifespan of bulbs
Power supply
220V on slave connection to the pool filter system
Connection to filter circuit
x2 union connections unions (on option)
3 years on stainless steel tube , 1 year on accessories , lamps not under guarantee

U.V ray spectrum
Operational spectrum UVECO

Nota : Water is sterilised only during water filtration cycles.
When the pump stops, the pool water is not sterilised.
We recommend a complementary treatment such as the POOL-NET 2012 dosing pump


3 years on stainless steel tube
2 years on accessories
UV lamps do not carry a guarantee

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