Aquabot Pulit Advance+ 7

Aquabot Pulit Advance+ 7
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Pulit advance +7 electric pool cleaner
EUR 1399.00
Provides a complete clean of the pool floor, walls and waterline of your pool.
Maximum volume of pool : 80 m²,
3 cleaning programs : 1h, 1h30 and 2h,
Full filter indication, easy maintenance,
PVA foam brush and oscillating silicone brush,
Aquasmart and Gyro Navigation technology,
Supplied with remote control and transportation trolley
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The Aquabot Pulit Advance + 7 electric pool cleaner takes charge of your whole pool clean : floor, walls and waterline. Working independently from your filtering system, competent and performant, the Pulit Advance + 7 adapts perfectly to your pool configuration and requirements using:

- The Aquacontrol technology, equips your transformer to choose the best-adapted program for your particular needs : using a cycle of 1h, 1h30 or 2h
- The Aquasmart System combined with Gyro Navigation technology : this intelligent combination indicates the Advance + 7 cleaner optimises its trajectory depending on the dimensions and shape of your pool. Using these two technologies, your pool is cleaned as a whole, without forgotten zones and repetitive passages.
- PVA foam brushes coupled with a silicone oscillating brush scrubs all types of debris and dirt in their path.
- The integrated timer means you can program a deferred start.
- Featuring suction inlets that are adjustable in height to deal with fine particles
- The remote control allows you to guide your cleaner to a precise zone
- The unit's double traction motor ensures optimal manoeuvrability

Diverse views Pulit Advance +7

What type of pool is compatible with the Pulit Advance + 7 pool cleaner ?

Max. surface : 80 m²
Max. length : 12 m
Type of pool finish : All
Shapes : All, using the intelligent navigation system

AquaControl : Your pool cleaner's intelligent and intuitive interface

Advance +7 control panel

The transformer of the Pulit Advance + 7 integrates into the Aquacontrol control panel. User-friendly, you can command your functions and settings as to benefit from a total clean of your pool.
1) Regulate the speed of the pool cleaners trajectory (Normal or high)
2) Selection of cleaning cycle :
Program 1 : One hour cycle - pool floor
Program 2 : One and a half hour cleaning cycle - pool floor and walls (Normal)
Program 3 : Two-hour cleaning cycle - Floor and walls (Intense)
3) Internal timer : The cleaner activates automatically every :
- 48 hours
- 72 hours
- 96 hours
4) External timer ; using an external timer, (not supplied) you can program a deferred starting time of your pool cleaner
5) Full filter signal: A luminous signal tells you when the cartridges are full and need to be cleaned, then replaced in the body of the unit to preserve their filtration capacity.

Aquasmart System and Gyro Navigation

Two intelligent navigation systems optimise the trajectory of the pool cleaner to ensure a total coverage of the pool in a minimum time span. This avoids forgotten zones and repetitive passages.

Gyro Navigation permanently adjusts the speed of the cleaners trajectory to constantly improve suction capacity and cleaning.

This system also allows you to control the rotations of the unit, reducing cable twisting.

The Aquabot Pulit Advance + 7 in detail

Function and maintenance of filters

The Aquabot Pulit Advance + 7 integrates two filtering cassettes with a capacity of 90 microns. Featuring Top Access, they are easily manipulated and maintained by a simple rinse in clear water. The filter lid is transparent allowing you to visually verify the level of filter clogging. To facilitate you, there is a luminous signal that indicates full filter.

PVA foam brush and silicone oscillating brush

The Aquabot Pulit Advance + 7 pool cleaner features two PVA foam brushes coupled with a silicone oscillating brush. These three brushes scrub all types of pool finishes, equally the pool floor and walls, leaving a pristine swimming pool following this cleaners passage.

Remote control

The Pulit Advance + 7 electric pool cleaner is supplied with its remote control allowing control at a distance. Guide your cleaner with directional press buttons : Right, left, forwards, backwards. This means you can insist on a precise zone.

Double traction motorisation

The Pulit Advance + 7 pool cleaner integrates double motorisation, creating fluid movement and ensuring optimal manoeuvrability, especially when using the remote control.

Pulit Advance + 7 : technical features

Maximum surface of pool
80 m²
Maximum length of pool
12 m
Cleans pool floor
Cleans walls
Cleans waterline
Remote control
3 (1h, 1h30, 2h)
Gyro Navigation
Length of floating cable
18 m
Anti-twist system on cable
Filter flow
17 m³/hour
Top Access filtering cassettes
Full filter indicator
Suction inlet - adjustable in height
PVA foam brushes + silicone oscillating brush
Internal timer
Yes, allows you to program a deferred start
Transportation trolley
Electric characteristics
100-259 V / 50-60 Hz / 180 W
Net weight
16 kilos


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