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Aquabot Typhoon Junior Top electric pool cleaner

Aquabot Typhoon Junior Top
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Typhoon junior top pool cleaner
EUR 849.00
Cleans the bottom surface,
walls and waterline of pools up to 80 m²,
2-hour working cycle,
with 18 m floating cable,
Top Access system for filter cleaning (by the upper casing),
In stock
The Aquabot Typhoon Junior Top pool cleaner unites all of the criteria to efficiently maintain your pool whatever its shape may be. Using suction power to eliminates debris and dirt from the bottom surface and walls of your pool. Its high-density PVA brushes adhere to all types of pool finish.

The Typhoon Junior Top benefits from Aquabots experience and "Top access" innovation. Microfiber filtering cartridges can be accessed by the upper casing, avoiding the need to turn the cleaner over during filter maintenance.

Aquabot Typhoon Junior Top large view

Your pool care, from top to bottom

Aqua Smart technology

The Typhoon Junior Top cleaner for pools efficiently maintains the bottom surface, walls and waterline of your pool. Its microprocessor integrates Aqua Smart technology, optimising trajectory to ensure a full clean in only 2 hours. The Aqua Smart technology allows :

- Efficient trajectory
- A fast, efficient, optimised cleaning cycle
- Energy savings
- Less use on parts
Aquabot Typhoon Junior Top in situ
Cleaning waterline with Aquabot Typhoon Junior Top

Cleaning efficiency

Using a powerful traction motor, the Aquabot Typhoon Junior Top trajectory is fast and smooth.

The units high-density PVA brushes efficiently cleanses impurities, that are then collected by 2 adjustable suction mouths.

The powerful suction pump filters 16m³/h. The filtering microfiber cartridges withhold even the finest particles.
Regulation of suction power
Easy regulation of suction power

Top Access filter

Innovating, the Junior Top pool cleaner features two filter cartridges easily accessible by Top Access. The Top Access system indicates during filter maintenance you do not need to turn the unit over, facilitating care :

Top access

Step by step filter care

1) Push the locking system to free the filter cartridge
2) Remove the cartridge
3) Open and rinse in clear water
4) Replace the filter in the unit

Start the cleaning cycle of the Aquabot Typhoon Junior Top

Aquabot Typhoon Junior Top   how to put into use

The Aquabot Typhoon Junior Top uses a transformer featuring an ON/OFF switch used to start or stop a cycle.

Putting your Aquabot Typhoon Junior Top pool cleaner into use is carried out in several easy steps :

Putting the Aquabot Typhoon Junior Top into use

1) Fully unroll your pool cleaners cable ensuring no knots have formed. Before putting into water, for your security, check the transformer is not connected to the power supply.
2) Place the unit into the water while firmly holding the handle. Adopt a to and fro movement to evacuate trapped air. Let the unit drop to the bottom of the pool and stabilise on the bottom surface.
3) Connect the pool cleaner to the transformer.
4) Connect the transformer to the power supply.
5) Push the ON button situated on the transformer. The cleaner begins its cleaning cycle.

The Aquabot Typhoon Junior Top electric pool cleaner is sold with its transportation trolley, facilitating portability and protecting the units brushes from contact with the floors surface. The Typhoon Junior Top pool cleaner is the ideal solution for the durable maintenance of your pool.

Technical features - Aquabot Typhoon Junior Top

Cleans bottom surface
Cleans walls
Maximum size of pool in m²
Cleaning cycle
2 hours
Filter flow
16 m³/h
AquaSmart® technology
Cleaning method
PVA brushes
Internal timer
External timer
Length of floating cable
18 m
Anti twist system for cable
Traction motor
Suction motor
51 x 51 x 52 cm
Net weight
21 kg
Transportation trolley included
Transportation trolley


2 years

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