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Dolphin 2001 electric pool cleaner

Dolphin 2001
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Ref. Abatik 000007
Dolphin 2001 Diagnostic pool cleaner
For pools with maximum dimensions of 12 x 6m,
Cleans the bottom surface, walls and waterline of pool,
PVC brushes, 3-hour cleaning cycle,
Filtration capacity of 50 microns,
Transportation trolley
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Dolphin 2001 Diagnostic pool cleaner
Ref. Abatik 000007
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The Dolphin 2001 Diagnostic is the ideal solution to automatically clean the bottom surface, walls and waterline of your pool. This pool cleaner has a remarkable lifespan, making this a highly acclaimed pool cleaner in the MAYTRONICS range.

Its regular use maintains and cleans the bottom surface and walls of your pool.

The Dolphin 2001 adapts to the majority of pools with a maximum dimension of 12x6m.

This is the pool cleaner which benefits from many years of experience proving the dependability of the Dolphin MAYTRONICS range.


The Dolphin 2001 features a pump actioned by a powerful motor cleaning the pool as a whole using a climbing action on the pool walls.

Using a "scouting" program, the cleaner determines the most autonomous method adapted to the specific pool.

The program optimises the trajectory of the cleaner and efficiently cleans the bottom surface and walls of your pool during a 3-hour cycle.

Using a filter bag with a filtering capacity 50 microns coupled with a powerful pump this cleaner filters water and reduces consumption of chemical products used for water treatment.
Dolphin 2001 on transportation trolley

Poolside view Dolphin 2001

How to use the Dolphin 2001

- Connect the cable of the cleaner to its low current transformer.

- Immerse the cleaner into your pool water and turn the unit to evacuate trapped air. The cleaner will then stabilise on the bottom surface.
- Connect the pool cleaner transformer to the power supply and start the Dolphin cleaning cycle with the control switch situated on the transformer. The cycle is running...

(Warning, the pool cleaner low current transformer is attached to the transportation trolley.
In respect to the electrical health and safety regulations, the transportation trolley must be situated 3m from the poolside. Ensure the transportation trolley is situated on a stable surface).

- The pool cleaner will stop automatically when its cycle is finished.

- Let the unit cool for 10 mins before its exit from pool water (allowing the motor to cool). empty and rinse the filter bag and store in a dry area. ]

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Top and undercarriage view Dolphin 2001
Top view Dolphin 2001

Technical Features

Low current power input
Compatible shapes of pool
Rectangular, round, oval or specific shape
Compatible pool finishes
Liner, reinforced PVC, ceramic, fiberglass, painted concrete
Maximum dimensions of pool
12m x 6m
bottom surface, walls and waterline
2 PVC brushes
Suction power
Filtration capacity
50 microns
Number of cleaning cycles
Duration of cleaning cycle
Length of cable
Transportation trolley
Yes (Buggy)
Ideal operational temperature
15° to 32°C
Trajectory speed
900 m/h
150 W
Packed dimensions
60 x 60 x 60cm
Net weight of cleaner
10,1kg (without trolley)

After a cleaning cycle, you can change the position of the cleaners handle.

This action modifies the inclination of the cleaner and its lateral working speed when cleaning the waterline.

Apply pressure to 1 and pivot the handle 2 to position a to slow the lateral working speed of the unit b or increase the working action.
Working schema Dolphin 2001


2 years

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