Aquabot Neptuno

Aquabot Neptuno electric pool cleaner
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Aquabot NEPTUNO electric pool cleaner
For maximum pool dimensions up to 60m²,
Compatible with all pool shapes and all pool finishes,
Cleans the bottom surface and base of pool walls,
PVC brushes compatible with all pool types,
Fast cycle in 1h30,
Filtering capacity of 2 microns
Bottom Access 20 micron reusable Cassette for Aquatron Pool Cleaners
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Aquabot NEPTUNO electric pool cleaner
Ref. Abatik 009408 Ref. Provider 102791
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The Neptuno electric pool cleaner in detail

The Aquabot Neptuno electric pool cleaner is designed to clean the bottom surface and base of pool walls with a maximum surface area of 60m². Very light in weight and effortlessly user-friendly, featuring no complicated settings. The Neptuno provides a perfect clean, everytime.

2 electric motors accord excellent traction and filtering power 18m3/h, efficiently cleaning debris and dirt by suction.

Its 1h30 cleaning programme allows you to clean the bottom surface of your pool quickly, the PVA brushes are adapted to all pool types (concrete, liner, fiberglass, reinforced PVC, ceramic...).

User friendly

The Neptuno is driven by economical, 24V motors.
Totally independent, it works without being connected to your pool filtering system. No specific installation requirement or program check required with minimum maintenance.

Instructions for use: Place the cleaner in your pool (firstly, immersing in the pool water, held by the handle to evacuate air), plug in and start cleaning cycle! When it's work is finished the Aquabot Bravo switches off automatically!

The Neptuno filtration bag has a capacity of 2 microns, optimising the collection of debris and dirt.


High-density PVA brushes are adapted to all pool finishes (concrete, liner, reinforced PVC, mosaic, polyester shell...), allowing optimal trajectory and cleaning of your pool floor, walls and waterline.

Offering better resistance and superior lifespan than classic PVC brushes that can adapt to rougher surfaces.

Using a Dacron bag, the filtering capacity of the unit is close 2 microns, retaining even the finest particles, reducing the use of water treatment products.
Aquabot filtration bag and brush

Aqua Smart system

The Aquabot Neptuno is complete with the system Aqua Smart.

Traditional pool cleaners need 3 to 6 hours to clean an entire pool.

The Aqua Smart is an intelligent device, integrated to the cleaners microprocessor, allowing the cleaner to cover the entire surface of the pool in a systematic manner without wasting time.

This technology offers a number of advantages:

- A quick cleaning cycle
- Economic with energy
- Reducing wear and tear on components, extending lifespan

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The Gyro system

The Aquabot Neptuno is equipped with an intelligent navigation system called Gyro. Capable of correcting trajectory depending on the configuration and size of the pool by means of directional control.

Every 60 seconds (in NORMAL mode) or every 20 seconds (in HIGH mode), the cleaner scans its environment to determine pool shape, optimising its cycle.

In the case of the wrong direction being taken:
1. Without the Gyro system, the Aquabot Neptuno does not correct its trajectory
2. With the system Gyro, the Aquabot Neptuno corrects its trajectory independently

To clean angled contours of the pool:
3. Without the Gyro system, the Aquabot Neptuno is unable to fit perfectly against angled contours of the pool
4. With the Gyro system, the Aquabot Neptuno fits perfectly against walls, calculating automatically a 90° angle
Gyro technology Aquabot Viva electric pool cleaner

Pool cleaner with protection system

Switching on your pool cleaner out of water will put security mode into action, including the pump and low current transformer... If you switch on the low current transformer without the pool cleaner, the security mode will activate after 10 to 15 seconds.

For pools featuring an immersed beach or infinity pool, the pool cleaner inverses its movement as soon as it emerges when reaching the water's edge. In the case that the unit does not return to the water, it automatically goes to security mode, (including its low current transformer).

If the cleaner meets an obstacle in its path (ladder, lamp, a discharge nozzle, pool cover or any other horizontal or vertical object) the cleaner is programmed to move around the obstacle in question and continue its cycle.

If an obstacle (towel, cable...) becomes stuck between the body of the unit and it's brush, the unit will try to distance the object in question to continue its cycle. If this fails, the pool cleaner (including its low current transformer) will adopt security mode automatically.

If the pool cleaner turns over and cannot continue its movements, the pump will operate for 5 seconds. The drive system will forward/reverse and then go to security mode.

Aquabot Neptuno and transformer
Aquabot Neptuno under filter
Aquabot Neptuno (1), Low voltage transformer (2), PVA brushes (3), Filtration bag 2 microns (4)

On option

You can choose to order a filtration cassette, designed to replace the filtration bag which is supplied with the cleaner.

When using the cassette, you no longer have to worry about cleaning efficiency: you will always have spare equipment.
To clean and reuse, just empty, rinse in clear water and replace.

Filtering capacity of the cassette is 20 microns.
Filtration cassette Aquabot Bravo

Technical features

Supply voltage
230V /50 Hz - 115V / 60Hz
Low voltage supply
Compatible pool shapes
Rectangular, round, oval or specific shape
Compatible pool finishes
Liner, reinforced PVC, ceramic, fiberglass, painted concrete
Maximum dimensions of pool
12 x 6m
Bottom surface and base of walls
Cleaning brushes
2 PVA brushes
Suction power
Filtering capacity
2 microns
Number of cleaning cycles
Duration of cleaning cycle
Propulsion motor
Suction motor
Length of cable
Obstacle detector
Transportation trolley
Extra accessories
1 filter bag
Dimensions and net weight of cleaner
L37 x w43 x H26cm/ 8Kg

Pools with outboard filtration blocks

Check the depth measurement between the pools bottom surface and the deepest immersed part of your filtration block is ample to allow the easy passage of the pool cleaner in operation.

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