Aquabot Typhoon Smart Top

Aquabot Typhoon smart top
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Aquabot Typhoon B-smart top electric pool cleaner
EUR 990.00
Cleans the bottom surface, walls and waterline of pool.
For pools with a maximum surface of 100²m.
Duration of cycles 1h, 1h30 or 2h,
Length of floating cable 18 m,
"Top Access" to filter,
Easy to use.
In stock
The Aquabot Typhoon Smart Top pool cleaner is the most elaborate in the Typhoon range. High performance, brushing and suctioning the bottom surface and walls of all pool types without the need of everyday maintenance.

Benefiting from the vast experience of the brand Aquabot, the Typhoon Smart Top is distinguished by its easy use and reduced maintenance. Using two filter cartridges, easily accessible from the top surface of the cleaner (Top Access) indicates the filters can be cleaned without turning the unit upside down.

To guarantee optimal efficiency, the cleaner is complete with Aqua Smart® technology. This system optimises the trajectory of the cleaner and its change of direction, ensuring a full pool clean whilst detecting obstacles as to avoid a hitting action that would affect its operation.

To reduce maintenance, the Typhoon Smart Top does not use embedded technology. It's cleaning cycle is programmed at a distance by means of the easy to use low current transformer.

Large view Aquabot Typhoon

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Quality design
Quality design
Optimal efficiency
Optimal efficiency
Optimisation of cleaning cycle
Optimisation of cleaning cycle
Easy access to filter
Easy access to filter

Powerful brushes and suction action on debris and dirt

The Typhoon Smart Top uses front and rear PVA brushes compatible with all types of pool finish.

The impurities drop off easily and are collected by two large suction mouths.

The suction mouths are adjustable as to increase their power if so wished. Simply extract their edges gently with a screwdriver to increase suction power.

Powerful, the pump allows a water flow of 16m³ per hour.
Adjusting suction power
Easy to adjust suction power

For further efficiency the Smart Top electric cleaner is complete with a vibrating brush system giving a deep clean to the pool finish.

Detail Typhoon smart top
The Aquabot Typhoon Smart Top pool cleaner and its complementary cleaning system: the vibrating brushes

AquaSmart® technology

The AquaSmart technology optimises the trajectory of your pool cleaner, reducing the duration of its cleaning cycle; To put this technology to full use, the low current transformer of the Aquabot Typhoon Smart Top integrates an Aquacontrol control panel, on which you can program the characteristics of your pool. The pool cleaner then adapts its trajectory in coherence with the chosen program.

AquaSmart® technology allows :

- A fast and complete clean of the pool
- Economises energy : as the units trajectory is calculated, avoiding unnecessary movements
- Less wear and tear parts

Top Access filter

The collected impurities are stocked in the filtering cartridge, easily reached by the Top Access system. Just open the top hatch of the cleaner to reach the filter and rinse in clean water.

This configuration avoids all direct contact with dirt.

When the filter is clogged, a warning light is situated on the transformer activates indicating maintenance is needed.

The Typhoon Smart Top is delivered complete with two microfibre filtering cartridges with the capacity to retain even the finest impurities.

Top access Typhoon smart top

How to clean the Typhoon smart top

The filter is easily and simply maintained and requires minimum manipulation:

1) Push the opening system situated on the hatch of the cleaner in order to free the filter cassette
2) Lift out the filtering cartridge
3) Open the filtering cartridge and rinse in clean water
4) Place the filtering cartridge back into the unit

Choice of cleaning cycle

The low current transformer of the Typhoon Smart Top pool cleaner defines the cleaning cycle to be used corresponding to your needs.

- Program 1 : Cleans the bottom surface and walls of pool during 1 hour
- Program 2 : Cleans the bottom surface and walls of pool during 1.5 hours
- Program 3 : Cleans the bottom surface and walls of pool during 2 hours

The integrated delay clock means you can programme the start of your cleaning cycle every 48, 72 or 96 hours.

Control panel<br />
Aquacontrol control panel

How to start the cleaning cycle of your Typhoon Smart Top

Before placing in water check the low current transformer is not connected to the power supply. There are 5 steps to follow to put the Smart Top into action :

1) Unroll the totality of the floating cable being careful no knots form.
2) Place the unit in the water holding it by the handle. Move to and fro to remove any air inside the unit, let the unit drop and stabilise on the bottom surface of the pool.
3) Connect the unit to the low current transformer.
4) Plug the transformer into the power supply.
5) Choose the desired cleaning cycle on the control panel. Push the ON button. The Typhoon Smart Top will begin its cycle.

Once finished, the unit will automatically go to its standby mode.

How to put Typhoon Smart Top into use


Compatible shapes of pool
Rectangular, round, oval, specific shape
Compatible pool finishes
Liner, painted concrete, ceramic, fiberglass
Cleans bottom surface
Cleans walls
Maximum surface of pool in m²
Cleaning cycle
1h, 1h30 or 2h
Waterflow of pump
16 m³/h
Filtering system
Double microfiber filtering cartridge
Filter clogging signal light
AquaSmart® technology
Cleaning system
Oscillating PVA brush
Complementary cleaning system
Vibrating brush
Internal delay clock
Yes, allowing the delayed start of the pool cleaner every 48, 72 and 96 hours
External clock
Length of floating cable
18 m
Anti-twist system for cable
Traction motor and suction motor
51 x 51 x 52 cm
Net weight
21 kg
Remote control
Transportation trolley
Transportation trolly Typhoon Smart Top

Pack Typhoon Smart Top


3 years

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Price incl. VAT

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