Aquabot Typhoon Surf Top

Aquabot Surf top
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Aquabot Typhoon surf top electric pool cleaner
EUR 739.00
Cleans the bottom surface of pools with a maximum area of 60 m²,
working cycle 1h30 and 18m floating cable.
Access to filter by the top surface of cleaner (Top Access),
easy to use.
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The Typhoon Surf Top electric pool cleaner for swimming pools is designed to clean and brush the bottom surface of the pool, descaling and suctioning debris and dirt, efficiently replacing manual cleaning of your pool.

The Typhoon Surf Top combines the know-how and performance if the Aquabot range, distinguished by ease of use: You can access the filter by simply lifting the top hatch of the cleaner (Top Access) avoiding the need to turn over the unit during maintenance.

Large view Surf top

Cleaning the bottom surface of your pool

Aquabot Typhoon Surf Top pool cleaner concentrates its activity on the bottom surface of your pool. Dirt and debris settle naturally on the bottom surface of the pool. The depots of dirt are collected by two suction mouths situated on the undercarriage of the pool cleaner. The suction power is easily adjustable.

Using two ultra-performant PVA brushes, the Typhoon Surf Top electric pool cleaner eliminates all residue in its path regardless of the pool finish (liner, ceramic, concrete...) The pool water is again limpid and clean in just 1h30. Its traction motor promotes a fast and easy trajectory. Its powerful pump gives a filter flow of 16 m³ per hour.
Suction power easily modified
Easy modification of suction power

Filter access

The filter cartridges are made from microfiber and offer an excellent filtering capacity for even the finest particles.

Practical, the filtering cartridges, are accessible at the top of the unit. Just lift the top hatch, remove and rinse in clean water, avoiding all direct contact with dirt.

Top access Typhoon Surf Top

How to clean the Typhoon Surf top

1) Press the button situated on the top hatch to free the filter cartridge
2) Remove the cartridge
3) Open and rinse in clean water
4) Replace the cleaned cartridge

Easy to use

Easy to use

The Aquabot Typhoon Surf Top pool cleaner is supplied with its low current transformer featuring an on/off button. Switching the unit on is quickly and easily carried out in a few simple steps :

1) Unroll the totality of the floating cable
2) Emerge the unit in the water holding by the two lateral handles adapting a swinging left to right motion, evacuating air, then let the unit sink to the bottom of the pool, unassisted, and stabilise.
3) Connect the cable Typhoon Surf Top to the transformer
4) Plug in the transformer to main power supply
5) Press the ON button situated on the transformer. The cleaner begins its cycle.

Aquabot Typhoon Surf Top - Features

Compatible shapes of pool
Rectangular, round, oval, specific shapes
Adapted pool finishes
Liner, painted concrete, ceramic, fiberglass...
Cleans bottom surface of pool
Wall cleaning function
Maximum surface of pool
60 m²
Length of supplied floating cable
18 m
Microfibre double cartridge
Transportation trolley
Filter water flow
16 m³/hour
Duration of cleaning cycle
SPS (Standby Power Supply)
External time clock
46 x 50 x 51 cm
Net weight
16 kilos


2 years

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