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Kwadoo electric pool cleaner

Kwadoo pool cleaner
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KWADOO electric pool cleaner
For pool with a maximum surface of 15X8 m,
For flat and gently sloped pool floors,
Innovating Quadri-Jet technology,
Filtration capacity 40 microns,
50W motor,
Made in France
In stock
KWADOO electric pool cleaner
Ref. Abatik 020213 Ref. Provider KWADOO
EUR 549
549 €
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KWADOO electric pool cleaner with transportation trolley
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KWADOO transportation trolley
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25 micron filtration bag for KWADOO pool cleaner
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The Kwadoo electric pool cleaner in detail

The Kwadoo electric pool cleaner contains the essential of the latest maintenance technology. Using an ultra-performant motor and Quadri Jet technology, your Kwadoo takes charge of your pool cleaning regardless of its shape. You can, effectively, use personalised settings, adapting the cleaning cycle to your pool surface.

The Kwadoo electric pool cleaner guarantees optimal maintenance throughout the year, even in cold water, by means of the units adapted motor. You can, at last, afford the full benefits of your pool without manual labour.

Discover the many advantages of this electric pool cleaner, making everyday maintenance easier.

Kwadoo pool cleaner   underwater view
Kwadoo pool cleaner pool side

The advantages of Kwadoo at a glance

Kwadoo advantages

1. High quality motor
2. Patented "Quadri jet" system
3. "Soft clean" active cleaning
4. Operational in cold water
5. Filtration assistance program
6. Simplified electronics
7. Large capacity filtration bag

Kwadoo : The perfect alliance between technology and simplicity

Kwadoo multi view
The Kwadoo pool cleaner exploits the latest technologies in the domain of suction and filtration, freeing you from the manual maintenance of your pool all year round. In addition to its performant equipment, the Kwadoo pool cleaner allows a fast start-up being very user-friendly. Using one, unique control button you can start the unit and simultaneously program its settings. The electrical connection is simple, allowing immediate use. Lightweight (approx 6 kg), your Kwadoo pool cleaner is easily placed in the pool water. Its power cable is 15 meters in length, so your pool cleaner can reach one end of the pool to the other, assuring optimal cleaning.

The Kwadoo pool cleaner is adapted to all pool dimensions. You can program a personalised program corresponding to the dimensions of your pool : 6X3 m, 8X4 m, 10X5 m, 12X6 m, 15X8 m. Once the program has been chosen, the cleaner effectuates its cycle. Its trajectory has been predefined in the program to avoid tangling of the power cable. The chosen program is then memorised by the control box of the Kwadoo.

You can equally easily manipulate the Kwadoo using its transportation trolley, available on option.

Maintenance and handeling of the Kwadoo 2R

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Kwadoo : A dependable and powerful motor for optimal cleaning

Dependable and powerful motor
The Kwadoo uses a powerful motor designed by the renowned French constructor LEROY SOMER®. This motor does not use belt or chain transmission, the cause of roughly 80% of breakdowns, due to wear and tear. This motors performance allows the Kwadoo to operate even during the Winter period in water at 1°C. The Kwadoo is a wise choice for all pool owners who wish to leave their pool uncovered during the Winter months. Your pool stays clean all year round. The motor of the Kwadoo has the capacity to adapt perfectly to the temperature of the water, therefore, avoiding thermic shock, dilation and microcracks, lengthening the lifespan of the cleaner

The powerful motor of the Kwadoo gives a fast trajectory eliminating debris and dirt quickly and efficiently, giving a deep clean of the pool floor by means of strong suction action. It's cleaning cycle has a duration of between 1h30 and 2h30, depending on the surface there is to clean.

Kwadoo : High-performance components at your pool's service

Open view Kwadoo

Your Kwadoo features a large capacity filter that collects a maximum amount of debris and dirt. Your pool cleaner is capable of capturing even the finest particles using the filtration capacity of 40 microns. The water suction action is favoured and concentrated using Soft Clean active cycle : Malleable deflectors positioned at the entry of the filter clean and cleanse the bottom surface of the pool, followed by the suction action. This active cleaning system effectively cleanses the pool finish without damage.

- Small wheels situated under the filter allow the Kwadoo to cope with gradients and therefore, the pool as a whole.

- The maintenance of the filter is simple - just rinse in clear water.

- Debris can perturb the smooth operation of the directional turret that allows the cleaner to effectuate its rotations.

- To avoid all dysfunction, clean the turret regularly simply using a hose spray.
Clean turret regularlyCleaning the directional turret - easy and simple

Try the Quadri Jet innovating technology by Kwadoo

Quadri jet technology Kwadoo
The patented Quadri Jet system allows your Kwadoo to deep clean your pool, whatever the nature and quality of water. The trajectory of the unit is powered by hydraulic propulsion on any type of finish. The Kwadoo uses hydro suction and propulsion action to guide its movements. With the capacity to effectuate a 360° movement, the whole of your pool floor can be cleaned. Quadri Jets technology ensures a trajectory without the need to climb the walls to change direction. This limits wear and tear, unlike most pool cleaners. Working on only the bottom surface of the pool the Kwadoo has a longer lifespan. Cleaning the pool walls is an option. A simple chlorine shock treatment is ample to make algae and other residue fall to the pool floor to be cleaned by Kwadoo.

The Kwadoo, a real complement for your pool filtration

Made in France, Kwadoo
As well as a personalised program, your Kwadoo pool cleaner equally features a "F" function for "filtration", in complement to your pool filter system. Once activated, your unit commences a complete cycle, during 6 hours, changing position every 15mins optimising water filtration. With a flow of 15 m3 per hour, this program is a positive point for your pool operation. Your Kwadoo pool cleaner uses suction power throughout the whole pool floor with an optimal result: disposing of all impurities, even the finest, that your traditional filtering system cannot reach.

Kwadoo features

Net weight
6 kilos
Length of cable
15 m
Shape of pool
Rectangular, round, oval, specific shape
Type of pool floor
Flat, gentle slope, composed slopes
Duration of cycle
Between 1h30 and 2h30 depending on your pool dimensions
Filtration capacity
40 microns
Suction power
15 m3/h
Power supply of motor
24V DC
Electrical characteristics
120V - 230V / 50 - 60 Hz/ 140W
Area cleaned
Bottom surface
Pool finish
all types of pool finish
Full filter indication light
Obstacle detection
Outboard detection
Optional equipment available
1 filter bag
Transportation trolley
Yes (on option)

Kwadoo : Guarantee and after sales service

Packaging Kwadoo electric pool cleaner
Your Kwadoo pool cleaner has a full 2 year guarantee


2 years

Photos non-contractual
Price incl. VAT

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