Mopper V3

Mopper V3 electric pool cleaner
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Ref. Abatik 010377
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MOPPER electric pool cleaner
EUR 1690.00
For pools with maximum dimensions of 15 x 10m,
Trolley control or automatic programming,
Cleans floor, walls and waterline of pool,
Made in France
In stock
The Mopper V3 electric pool cleaner can operate either manually or automatically.

Capable of adapting to all pool dimensions up to 15 x 10m and in water with a lowest temperature of 1°C.

By means of integrated sensors, this cleaner can determine the best-adapted program for your pool, ensuring optimal cleaning.

The Mopper features a twin-engine and exclusive hydraulic drive rotation system, boasting great dependability.

This cleaner offers several cleaning modes: only pool floor or floor and wall cycle that can be completed in 1, 2 or 3 hours. The "floor slide" cycle has been designed for very dirty pools.

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The Mopper provides a very fast trajectory of 380m/h, completing the clean of a 10 x 5m pool in 1 hour only and is made in France.

Using 2 filtering cassettes accessed from the top of the unit, cleaning is more practical than when using a filter bag.

In the case of a repair, the Mopper is composed of components that are removed and replaced as a block inside the outer casing of the unit. To repair, simply change the block following the simplified procedure.

This cleaner maintains the pool floor, vertical walls, stairs and immersed beach pools.
Dry run security stops the cleaner from operating if it is not placed in water. In manual mode, the Mopper stops after 3 mins. If you command if given by the user, the system switches off 5 minutes later. Equally, the unit switches off 5 minutes after the STOP button is pressed or at the end of a cleaning cycle.


Before starting the Mopper, position its trolley halfway down the pool.

Let the cable unfurl and plug-in the units command box to an earthed socket.

Place the unit on the water's surface and the cleaner will sink to the bottom of the pool floor.

The cleaner will not start in a depth lesser than 50 cm.

Leave enough cable in the pool to allow the cleaner to reach the furthest distance in the pool.

Place the cable on the surface, being sure it does not tangle.

Connect the cable to the plug situated on the command box.

Open the command box and put on standby by pressing the START button. The cleaner will commence its 1-hour pool floor clean cycle.

To stop the cycle before the end of the cycle, press STOP.

To selection another operational mode, use the keyboard on the command box.

Technical characteristics

Power consumption 100W.
2 sensors to adapt to pool characteristics, the centrifugal pump provides high-performance suction.
Easy cleaning using filtration cassettes, three cycles in automatic mode plus manual model / variable lifespan.
Fast access inside cleaner
4 screws.
Easy diagnosis
Full visualisation of components inside casing.
Watertight independent motors
Quickly disassembled using a cruciform screwdriver.
Simplified electrical connection
Waterproof motor connection that ensures the liaison with the power cable (exclusive technology). No tools are required to effectuate these connections.
The cleaners chassis is protected with components that can be disassembled. Mobile, rotating parts avoid direct contact and do not generate wear and tear damage to the chassis.
Lateral transmission
Wheels and tracks fully visible, easy to disassemble.
Hydraulic drive.
Directional change
Simple and easy.
Waterproof electrical connection
Dependable, simple connections.
Centrifugal pump.
Transport handle

Changing tracks, wheels and brushes


4 years on motors
2 years on all other parts

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Price incl. VAT

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