Azuro pool enclosure
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Ref. Abatik 009673
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AZURO 1 round pool enclosure 4.10x2.20m
High pool enclosure, foldable and removable
Flexible and resistant canvas,
Delivered in kit form, easy to assemble
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AZURO 1 round pool enclosure 4.10x2.20m
Ref. Abatik 009673 Ref. Provider 3EXX0037
EUR 1190
1190 €
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AZURO 2 round pool enclosure 4.90x2.60m
Ref. Abatik 009674 Ref. Provider 3EXX0040
EUR 1500
1500 €
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AZURO 3 oval pool enclosure 4.10x6.20x2.20m
Ref. Abatik 009675 Ref. Provider 3EXX0038
EUR 1599
1599 €
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AZURO 4 oval pool enclosure 4.10x8.10x2.20m
Ref. Abatik 009676 Ref. Provider 3EXX0039
EUR 1899
1899 €
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AZURO 5 oval pool enclosure 4.90x7.00x2.60m
Ref. Abatik 009677 Ref. Provider 3EXX0041
EUR 1949
1949 €
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AZURO 6 oval pool enclosure 4.90x8.90x2.60m
Ref. Abatik 009678 Ref. Provider 3EXX0042
EUR 2390
2390 €
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AZURO 7 oval pool enclosure 4.90x10.80x2.60m
Ref. Abatik 009679 Ref. Provider 3EXX0044
EUR 2690
2690 €
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AZURO 8 oval pool enclosure 4.10x10.00x2.20m
Ref. Abatik 009680 Ref. Provider 3EXX0043
EUR 2790
2790 €
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Discover the new high pool enclosures in the AZURO range to cover your pool!

Easy to install
Security for your poolHigh pool enclosure AZUROA new outdoor living area

AZURO pool enclosures resist to weather conditions and winds up to 110km/h, and can be used all year round.

They are made with from a blue, opaque, Airtex canvas that is complete with a UV treatment, crystal PVC transparent sections and a resistant aluminium structure that is anti-corrosive.

Airtex canvas is a waterproof, breathable, weatherproof polyester material.

The structure is removable, allowing you to :
- Cover partially or totally your swimming area
- Totally uncover your swimming area
Azuro in situ

Azuro resists to violent winds between 90km/h and 110km/h using a ground anchoring system.
The shelter is completely foldable and can facilitate eventual portability or storage.
Easy to instal

AZURO enclosures are available in 2 versions : round and oval. 8 dimension are available up to 10m80 in length:
Available dimensions

In which situation can I use my AZURO enclosure?:

- shelter for above ground pools or in ground pools,
- shelter for outdoor spas,
- other situations such as an awning, garden shelter, carport

Installation :

The installation of an AZURO is very easy and does not require the intervention of a professional tradesman.
Once folded, the enclosure requires little storage space.
Quality conception and design, structure sections made from aluminium and steel hardware to avoid all risk of corrosion.
To facilitate manipulation, the oval Azuro structures (AZURO 3 à 8) are equipped with wheels

Round Azuro
Oval Azuro
Flexible shelter
Azuro oval

Technical feature of the AZURO pool enclosure

Cast aluminum
steel hardware
PVC blue & crystal, high quality, waterproof, canvas with anti-U.V treatment
floor anchoring
Lateral openings

Important : The AZURO does not conform to the norm NF P90-309.

Inside view Azuro


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